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How Has Technology Changed Our Lives?

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Technology” a word that weighs more than love, family, relationships, emotions and every other humanly thing, has a great impact on the life of every individual. From waking up to an alarm to sleeping on a rocking bed, technology drives a human life round the clock. No matter you realize it or not, technology has become such an inseparable part of our life that it no more feels like an intrusion but more like a necessity, similar to air, food or water.

In more precise words, technology has taken the role of a dominant and rules all walks of our life. It is a sort of addiction that becomes harder to quit the more you try and surprisingly in most of the cases we never felt the need of trying for freedom from the technology beast.

However, the way technology has affected our life has changed the entire landscape of human modus operandi. In this article, we will discuss 5 ways in which technology has changed our lives:

1.Love & relationships:


Tinder, LoveMatch, Shadi.com, BharatMatrimony and many other websites that are into dating or matchmaking are a pure outcome of technology. Technology made its way to the love arena way back in the 90’s when we saw the rise of Orkut and some matchmaking sites. But, who knew that it would take such a large form leaving our love & other human emotions driven by internet and smartphones.



There are some good and many bad points when it comes to digitalized shopping experiences. The benefits are time-saving, cost-effectiveness and a myriad of choices but the cons are a few more in numbers. The delivery system has boosted the wastage of resources as well as making people slow, lazy and confined.  No doubt you enjoy a pizza within 30 minutes or love browsing a shopping site but looking back to the time when there was in technology, weren’t we more united and have fun in doing things.

3.Smart you-Smarter Apps:


Artificial intelligence was the latest technological development until the man got to know about machine intelligence. Machine learning will open a new avenue of technology and its use in human life. Very soon machines will invent on their own and there is no doubt that they will be better than humans. We already rely on many advanced artificial intelligence gadgets and very soon the man will have few more to display that might give solutions to problems like aging, teleportation, uploading human thoughts to a computer and more.

4.Talking to your devices:


It might be a usual technology for the kids today but when I was young, a person talking to television or a speaker was considered lunatic. However today, most of the advanced gadgets run on human voice commands be it your smartphone, printer, the car, electric light or the recently launched Amazon Echo- the best invention so far. Next time when you say- “Alexa I am short of detergent, please order one.’ Stop and think what you just did and how life was a few years back.

5.A personal doctor:


Keeping track of our health has become easier, thanks to the technology-driven devices, the smart devices like Fitbit smart band, MI wristband and many other devices offer amazing information about the human body. I mean who would have thought that you can actually get the data about your sleep record.

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our life. While most of it has been good so far, there are certain things that have affected us negatively. For future, it is up to the human to make the best utilization of technology. The choice is yours- you cab profiteer or exploit.

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