December 13, 2018
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How to Write a Good White Paper for Your ICO

Applicature Shows How Easy It Is to Write a Perfect ICO White Paper The future of business stands on the blockchain, but it also fully depends upon people’s acceptance. Meanwhile, writing a white paper is one of the most important moves in starting your ICO. What Do They Call a White Paper? Basically, a white paper is an introduction of …

3 Gold Loan Offerings by SBI That Are Popular Today

SBI Gold Loan Gold loan by State Bank of India is one of the most popular loans against gold schemes today. You can use it for personal and business purpose, but not for speculative purpose. The SBI gold loan can be utilized for debt consolidation, healthcare, big-ticket purchase, vacation, wedding, travel, education, start-up etc. You can get anywhere between Rs. …

A Chance To Be Better As A Business

Businesses, big and small, have always used trade shows to their benefit. Some more productively so than others. Regardless, these conventions have been a staple in the entrepreneurial industry and brands have always tried their hardest to use them to their fullest. Like any other trade show, having a booth that attracts attention is the first priority. Otherwise, without them, …

Invoicing Made Easy: Why Should You Automate?

Invoicing Made Easy At the core of any business is the desire to fill a need. However, as much as we try to deny it, compensation is necessary for every service provided. It might come across as selfish or money hungry to the public when demanded, but it is, at its core, vital to a business’ growth. There are times, …

Kalyan Jewellers Stores In India

Kalyan Jewellers stores – Locations and contact numbers Kalyan jewellers are among one of the most reputed and reliable Jewellery stores in India and the middle east. They are a brand that has several Jewellery stores all across the nation. Kalyan Jewellers online services are as impressive as their physical presence. Being the largest jewellery store Chain in India, Kalyan jewellers serve …

10 Highest Earning CEO’s In The World

We all dream to be successful and as big as it gets. We all are not able to achieve our dreams due to some shortcomings but there are people who made it this big that they are the top earners in the world as an employee. The CEO of a company is the chief decision maker of the company and …

Koinex: Indian Exchange With Multiple Cryptocurrencies


Indian Exchange With Multiple Cryptocurrencies There is a rising demand of bitcoins and altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. The government’s crackdown on the crypto market was just a small bump that the market faced but it has bounced back. With a thriving market, there comes a need for exchanges to trade on. Seeing the market thriving, many exchanges sprouted up …

How To Withdraw Money From Payza Account?


How to Receive & Withdraw Money Payza is a Montreal-based company that was founded way back in 2014 and while it failed to gain as much popularity as other online payment services like PayPal, it has become a relatively popular method of sending remittance payments. Payza is similar to other online payment services and provides an option for a mobile …

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