April 10, 2020
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All About Gold Exchange Trade Fund

Gold Exchange Trade Fund

If there is one commodity in India whose value has been constantly on the rise, it has to be gold. There is something about this yellow metal that continues to enchant Indians even today. Gold has established its importance in the customs and traditions ages ago, but it is also loved by both men and women in the form of …

7 Tax Saving Tips for Young Investors

Tax saving options

If you have been taxed for the first time and wondered what you should have done to avoid it, welcome to the club. A lot of young investors who are new to the concept of tax-paying find it challenging to manage their money and end up taking a hurried investment decision. But what a lot these individuals do not understand …

Conservative Hybrid Fund – A Good Option for Low Risk Investors

Today, most of us are looking to invest our money in a financial instrument rather than letting it sit idle. That’s because, over the years, we have realized that investments like mutual funds hold the potential to offer much higher returns as compared to traditional investment tools. For those who do not know, mutual funds are professionally managed funds that …

A Complete Guide to Success in the Motor Trade Business

As with any business, you will always find that there are things that you struggle with and things that you can succeed in. To succeed in the motor trade industry, you need to make sure that this is something that you love and enjoy doing. There’s no point in having a job that involves cars if you know nothing about …

All About Peer-to-peer(P2P) Lending


Peer-to-peer lending is a relevantly new way of conducting financial dealing between two individuals directly. There is no official financial institution participating as an arbitrator in between the deal. P2P lending system usually functions through online arenas where a capital lender finds a conceivable borrower matching his/her strategies. In this system, an investor can freely choose his/her borrower according to …

Machine Learning and Its Increasing Applications

Machine Learning

With new technologies fast in development, the different processes businesses can find themselves working with may be very different from one year to the next. The relevance, importance, and applications of tech are increasing for businesses of all sizes, and an inability or reluctance to deploy the most effective solutions could lead to significant limitations in a competitive market. Rapid …

Tips To Ensure That Your Villa Is Vastu Compliant

Vastu compliant Villa

Purchasing a home is quite a big decision. It naturally is a large investment for anyone, and when we buy a house, we expect it to be perfect in every which way. We need to ensure that the construction and other amenities provided are as per norms and are qualitative. One other issue that some of us would like to …

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