August 25, 2019
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How To Find the Best Deals on Semi Truck Accessories


Whether you want to pick up a new hood ornament or install a new seat, you want to find the best deals you can. As you already know, the lowest price does not necessarily represent the best bargain. You want lasting quality at good prices. The following tips will help you locate high-quality items for competitive prices. 1. Prepare Your …

Close Up Look at Pata Yamaha R1 World Superbike


Recently in Barcelona, Spain, Yamaha had held its world racing press launch where it introduced its factory World Championship racing teams, one of the most awaited inclusions at the press launch was the new Pata Yamaha World Superbike. So, stay still and feast yourself on this collection of bikes as by taking a closer look at the factory Yamaha R1 …

Artificial Intelligence in Cars: What to Expect from 2019 to 2023

The development of technology in cars is reaching levels that we could not imagine a few years ago. These advances have caused our vehicles to improve a lot in safety and conditioning, but they will definitely go further. Artificial intelligence has broken into the automotive industry and manufacturers are using it in different ways to get ahead of the future. …

3 Reasons To Make Your Next Car A Certified Pre-Owned Mazda

If you are shopping for a car this winter, there’s a good chance that, like most drivers, you’re weighing the pros and cons of buying new vs. used. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and opinion tends to divide sharply: some shoppers won’t even consider purchasing a used vehicle, while others consider new cars to be a waste of money. …

Top Three Exotic Car Brands For 2018

Best Exotic Car Brands For 2018 This article will list the top three exotic auto brands of 2018 and tell you how you can get behind the wheel of one these amazing cars. Of the numerous and prestigious exotic brands, the three that are a cut above the rest are Zenvo, Rimac, and the widely popular Bugatti. 3. Zenvo – Exotic …

World’s 10 Incredibly Advanced Fighter Jets

fighter jets

10 Incredibly Advanced Fighter Jets All the countries today are involved in the arms race. They wish to acquire the best of the weapons and vehicles so that their army, navy, or air force, seems to be the strongest in the world. In case of another World War, there are many countries which would have the upper hand due to …

Requirements For Flying A Drone In India


Taking to the skies had always been a dream of man. There was a lot of wonder associated with the concept of conquering the skies. That was made possible with the invention of the airplane. We have come quite far and have become quite advanced in the field of aviation since then. The ongoing debate is which is better, a …

Harley-Davidson 2018 Softail Range Launched In India

Harley-Davidson India launched the 2018 range of its Softail motorcycles on Thursday among the Street Bob, Fat Boy, Fat Bob, and Heritage Classic motorcycles. The price of the Softail range starts at an ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs. 11.99 lakh, going all the way up to Rs 18.99 lakh. All the new motorcycles have seen a loss in weight, an …

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