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Know About The Method Of Purchasing And Selling Bitcoin Through Bitcoin ATM!

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Nowadays, Bitcoin ATM is becoming trendier in the cryptocurrency world. It is now bypassing traditional buying or converting Bitcoin into cash. The best thing is that people have complete faith in this Bitcoin ATM because they provide a secure and easy procedure for selling and buying crypto coins like the bitcoin evolution website. People have this thought in mind whether using Bitcoin ATM is similar to a usual atm? Well, it’s true; the main thing that differentiates them is that the BTMs allow people for buying bitcoin in exchange for money. You will be happy to know that some of the bitcoin atm also allows the users to sell off their coins and get cash in exchange. Bitcoin ATM is very different from the Bitcoin exchange because they allow the users to have complete comfort and convenience while buying and selling Bitcoins.

Steps To Follow For Purchasing Bitcoin Via Bitcoin ATM!

  1. It would help if you kept in mind that the bitcoin atm needs to verify your identity first before allowing you to purchase the coins. So you can provide your mobile number to the BTM to get the verification code before starting the process. There was a time when the bitcoin atm was highly anonymous, but now these machines are bound to take your customer verification procedure.
  2. The next step is proof of the specific identity. The only thing you have to do now is waiting for the verification code, which the machine will forward to your mobile number in the form of a text message. After getting this code, you have to fill in the exact code in the bitcoin ATM. This step was included in the verification process so that people don’t use fake phone numbers in Bitcoin.
  3. The third step is of scanning the QR code of the wallet. When you are using bitcoin atm, it is pretty evident that you have a bitcoin wallet address. the address is the destination at which you will get the bitcoin. So, before you start using the bitcoin ATM, it is essential to have a bitcoin wallet address. The essential item you will prerequisite is the QR code. It signifies your bitcoin wallet address, so you need to scan it. In this way, the bitcoin ATM can know where they have to send the coins.
  4. The fourth step is inserting the money into the bitcoin atm. First, you have to decide the quantity of bitcoin you need to purchase and then deposit the money based on it. After that, you have to place the money into the machine just like you do in the regular atm.
  5. When you are finished placing the money, you have to check the amount and click on the Approve button. After that, the bitcoin you buy will get into your list address. You should know that it might take ten minutes to one hour to process the transactions, so don’t worry if you are not getting the bitcoin immediately in your wallet address.

I Am Selling Bitcoin Through Bitcoin ATM!

  1. The initial step for selling the bitcoin via bitcoin atm is selecting the option of selling bitcoin. You will perceive this choice once you practice bitcoin atm.
  2. Now you have to scan the QR code of your bitcoin wallet, which you can do from your mobile app. You can also print the wallet address or enter the wallet address on the bitcoin atm.
  3. It would help if you moved forward by verifying your individuality at ATM. This process can be different from one country to another country because the thing is that most the Bitcoin ATMs ask the users to enter their mobile number, take a photo of them or scan a government-issued id. At the same time, some Bitcoin ATMs do the verification process just by accepting fingerprints.
  4. When you select the number of coins you want to sell from that bitcoin wallet address, you can get the cash immediately from the bitcoin atm. However, some of the bitcoin atm require some time to confirm the transaction.

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