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The Evolution of Streetwear Culture

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Streetwear Fashion first started making the noise in the early 1990s. It took this unique style of clothing no time to become mainstream fashion and the rest is history. What first looked like a good form of apparel and fashion for hip-hoppers and skateboarders, is now a high-class fashion statement that makes an integral part of almost every fashion show.

With elite designers and brands en-cashing the appeal of streetwear fashion, baggy jeans and loose-fitted graphic tees are now among the highest-selling fashion items. It has even expanded to a great extent with athleisure taking the mainstream with a focus on streetwear styles. Today, the it’s market is fairly large with demand for high-end streetwear items to even further.

So, how and when did this subculture rebellion start? Well, this article touches on all the key aspects of Subculture evolution including its inception, roadmap to its current high status, and how it will be an even more demanding fashion culture shortly.

Understanding Streetwear

The meaning of streetwear is very precise yet it has multiple facets to explore. Technically,  it’s a fast fashion style somewhere between high-class formal clothing and casual apparel options. However, it is a vast arena encompassing different styles including workwear, functional clothing, vintage apparel, athleisure, and much more.

It is more of a cultural thing than a clothing option and hence a simple definition of streetwear is something hard to present.

The origin of streetwear culture

It was somewhere in the 1970s that the fashion rebellion started when people ditched conventional fashion clothes to opt for something more personalized, comfortable yet stylish. This was the first time streetwear culture started offering fashion lovers a unique way to dress up and express themselves at the same time.

More and more urban communities joined the movement to make themselves distinguished from mainstream fashion. The culture of DIY saw its peak popularity and people showed immense love for graphic tees, funky accessories, sneakers, and more such items.

Skateboarding & surfing

Skateboarding and surfing played a significant role in making this clothing culture mainstream. Then came the rise of hip hop culture which even today, plays a critical role in ensuring the mainstream status of streetwear clothing.

Freestyle surfing and skateboarding were one of the prime ways for people to freely express themselves and streetwear fashion laid its foundation on this fact. More and more people wanted to have a fashion style that they associate with as free thinkers and it was streetwear where they found their refuge.

Brands promoting and encasing the hype

Many significant brands taking up the charge to produce high-end streetwear apparel and accessories for the said fashion lovers’ future established streetwear culture as a popular clothing choice. Significant brands came forward to celebrate the spirit of this fast fashion and easily converted this subculture into fashion statements. With brand association, it further broadened its horizon now covering fraternities like music and art enthusiasts. The availability of quality streetwear from reputed fashion houses coupled with its reputation as an apt clothing for self-expression further fuelled its popularity in the mainstream fashion landscape.

The streetwear moment

Very soon, without realizing it, the streetwear culture supporters found themselves in the limelight. Designers were making unique  designs, people moving towards customization, graphics becoming the core of modern streetwear fashion, and funky footwear making its grand entry into the mainstream fashion shoe market.

In all, streetwear culture became more common than conventional fashion offerings as it provided the ultimate level of comfort, style, confidence, and a perfect addition of Individual expression.

Brand collaborations and promotions

The cherry on the cake was high-end luxury brands launching limited editions and partnerships with artists, celebrities, musicians, and more. This was the best time for streetwear enthusiasts to enjoy the glory of their Favorite clothing style. The exclusive pieces released in this ear were not only expensive but also admired by one and all.  There were many collaborations that to date remain one of the most sought-after fashion campaigns in the history of fashion.

Where streetwear culture is headed?

Well, the future of streetwear culture is pretty much known to all. With the huge fan following that it has today, and the potential it has to keep its lovers intrigued,  it’s here to stay in the mainstream for a very long time. However, what has changed about this fashion is that it is leading to more sustainable methods of manufacturing and delivering high-quality streetwear items. More and more eco-friendly options are available in the market and the social media culture is further boosting its demand.

Streetwear is today a high-fashion thing and will continue to be the same. With eco-friendly methods being used in crafting stylish streetwear pieces to the intervention of technologically advanced designing and manufacturing, this rebellious culture will be the very way for people to express their true identity forever.

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