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Top 8 Decluttering Hacks For Minimalist Living

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Folks often complain, “We are drowning in clutter day by day. Oh God! Save my home from being a Mount Everest of clutter. So we have to focus on decluttering.” In every house, there is a particular chair where family members accumulate their stuff.

Is your wardrobe free of that single-pair sock or sweaty t-shirt? Doesn’t your bookshelf possess unnecessary files and used papers? Your home must have an overflowing drawer where there are a few things that remind you of your loved ones.

However, if you are dreaming of a clutter-free home, you need to choose minimalist living . Minimalism refers to living with less and surrounding yourself with those things that are really valuable to you. A home can’t be a museum where you should keep every memorable thing bought from the past decade.

But how to start decluttering your space? Here are the top eight hacks for making your home clutter-free.

8 Tips for Decluttering for Minimalists

Tip #1. Chalk Out A Plan For Decluttering

Getting puzzled about where to start and how to start decluttering? Fear not. Chalk out a plan first. Start with a small bookshelf or a corner of your home. Play your favorite music to make your activity fun.

Arrange three boxes where you label them as an ‘important’ box, a ‘dustbin’ box, and a ‘donate’ box. In the ‘important’ box, you may keep all those things that truly matter to you. The name ‘Dustbin’ box indicates that all things in the box are meant to be useless and throw them in the bin. When it comes to the ‘donate’ box, keep the things, which are in good condition but not anymore used by you.

Tip #2. Make a Balance Between Sustainability & Minimalism

To make your minimalist approach sustainable, you must know what minimalism is. Minimalism refers to the idea of owning fewer things. But that doesn’t mean you will throw away the things without considering their value to your life. Don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of minimalism.

Before getting rid of things, take a thoughtful approach to your possessions. Think first whether they add value to your life. Throwing the stuff into the bin and re-buying it later does not match sustainability.

Tip #3. Differentiate Between Needs & Wants

Want to create a sustainable minimalist lifestyle? Identify your wants and needs. Make a list of the things that you really need in your life. Sort out the things that you want but you can’t live without.

For instance, you have a wristwatch that is working. But you want a new trendy watch. Before purchasing a new one, think twice whether that will really add value to your life. If yes, buy the new one and waste no time to throw the old one.

Tip #4. Be Digitalized As Much As Possible

Feeling disgusted with paper clutter? Moreover, it is quite hard to maintain various important documents. Go digital where you can. Pay bills online, store important documents on your PC, and keep your photos on a cloud service. Digitalization reduces paper clutter as well as helps to find things easily.

Tip #5. Sorting Sentimental Items

The sentimental items are the tough stuff to part with. Whenever you want to get rid of sentimental items, your grandmother or mother-in-law will forbid you to throw them away. So, sort the sentimental items carefully and you may store their photos on your laptop. Convince your grandparents or parents and get them involved to convert decluttering into a family project.

Tip #6. Choose a Minimalist Lifestyle, Not a Minimalist Aesthetic

Minimalist aesthetic refers to those things that make your home feel calm and pleasing to the eye. It is about having a perfect Social media-worthy space. But you might have all sorts of unnecessary things in your almirahs.

Don’t get caught up in the minimalist aesthetic. Choose a minimalist lifestyle that means living with less- finding joy in a simpler life.

Tip #7. Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

While purchasing a thing, consider quality over quantity. For example, when you are buying a pair of shoes, try to purchase high-quality shoes that are expensive though. High-quality products last longer and you don’t need to buy them frequently.

Tip #8. Include Decluttering into Your Daily Routine

Daily, planned decluttering maintains minimalism. If you make it a daily habit, you can prevent clutter from accumulating. So, incorporate decluttering into your daily routine. Shop less, develop decluttering habits, and thus maintain a minimalist lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Hey! What are you pondering over? Start your minimalist journey soon and make your dream home clutter-free. You will get benefits from these decluttering hacks.

Moreover, to reduce your clutter, purchase décor items that meet your multiple needs. According to the Minimalists, be surrounded by the things that bring you joy and happiness.

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