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How to Get Yourself Motivated to Write Essays Daily

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Writing an essay can be very satisfying when all your thoughts are following together, but it can be a daunting task if you are struggling. When you write an amazing piece, you feel so proud of yourself however, there can be a time where your mind and body don’t feel inspired to write essays daily. This can cause massive issues, especially if the essays have a strict deadline.

If you don’t feel motivated to write essays on your own, you can hit the internet and type “write my essay for me” and plenty of professional writing services e.g. WriteMyEssays.com will pop up. Is there a way to motivate yourself to write essays? Yes and below are ways you can motivate yourself to write essays daily.

  1. Read Some Inspirational Quotes:

    Inspirational quotes all have a story behind them and reading them every day can motivate you to write your essays. You can apply them to your own personal life or even use them in your essay to get the point across.

  2. Give Yourself A Reward After Every Writing Milestone:

    Give yourself a writing milestone, and every time you hit it, reward yourself. This can be a treat after every 2000 0r 3000 words. Knowing that you will reward yourself after every milestone will motivate you to write essays daily.

  3. Know The Reason Why You Are Writing Your Essays:

    As a student, write essays because writing is a skill you need in the future. Write because you are inspired to get a good grade, which will make you an attractive employee in the future.

  4. Hit Your Writing Targets:

    If you say to yourself that you will write 800 words in 45 minutes, stay committed to that. Don’t make any excuses or lower the numbers. Keep at it until you hit that target each time. It will keep you motivated to write daily.

  5. Put Yourself In A Clean And Quiet Place:

    Noise can be very distracting, and it can affect the quality of your essays. If you put yourself in a room that won’t block your creativity with loud noises, poor lighting, and messy, you will produce good quality essays.

  6. Change Your Writing Environment If You Lack Inspiration:

    Having a good workspace does put you in focus mode, and you produce your best work. However, over time, your mind can become blank and unable to cook up any new ideas. When this happens, go to a coffee shop, the library, a friend’s house, or even the park. This will kickstart your creative juices, and you will write more essays in a day that way.

  7. Edit Your To-do List:

    If you have a lot of things that need your attention or do, writing essays can be tricky because you will be too busy. By cutting some of your tasks in half, you will have less to worry about and more time to focus on writing your essays.

  8. Listen To Relaxing Music:

    Some good music can really put you in a writing mood. Avoid playing music genres like heavy metal as they can be noisy. Pick something smooth and relaxing like Jazz or slow R & B. This type of music is less distracting and will actually boost your creativity.

  9. Take Breaks In Between Writing Sessions:

    When you write an essay for an extended period of time, you will feel burnt out, or your motivational levels will be low. Give your a 20-30 minute break each time, and when you feel like your brain is refreshed, you can start again.

  10. Drink Hot Beverages That Contain Caffeine In Them:

    There is a reason why people like going to coffee shops when they are writing something. Coffee especially is known to contain caffeine, and this can boost your energy levels and endurance making you write a large number of words before you take a break.

  11. Make Sure You Are Physically Comfortable:

    The way that you dress when you are typing your essays does affect how comfortable you are. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position when it’s cold, make sure the heating is on, and when it’s hot, turn the AC on. Doing small things like this can get you in the mood to write essays easily.

  12. Use Some Writing Tools:

    There are so many writing tools out there that can speed up your process and make your content flow as well as sound incredible. A perfect example is grammatically, and this tool is great because it immediately highlights any grammar mistakes allowing you to correct them immediately. 

  13. Speak To Your Fellow Students:

    You and your classmate can create a good via social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or even Whatsapp. If you are feeling stuck, you can use this platform to get hints or tips for your essays, and this will inspire you to write college papers. When you have people in the same boat as you and going through what you are, you can lift each other’s spirits every day.


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