October 20, 2018
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7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Internet Speed

How can I boost my Internet download speed? So, you thought the days of waiting for a page to load on your computer were long gone, huh? Sadly, this is not the case. Many things can contribute to your internet running slower than normal. You may be running into Wi-Fi interference. Or maybe your signal just isn’t that strong. In …

Some Of The Biggest Misconceptions About The iPhone X

First released November 3, 2017, the iPhone X is nearing its first birthday. With almost a full year of X ownership under your belt, you’ve probably figured out most of what you wanted to know about your handset. But unless you’re on the Apple team that built it, you don’t know all of it. It’s easy to get caught up …

The Best Racing Games For Xbox in 2018

Best Racing Games For Xbox in 2018 We all like to race cars. For those who cannot do it in real life, we take to the virtual world to fulfill our fantasies. There are people who do not fair well in racing games, while there are others who love nothing else. The fans of the racing games in the world …

How To Change Your Twitch Username

We all have been in this place where the username we created is too embarrassing for the world to know, so we make a second account with a more publically suitable name. Earlier on Twitch, you would have needed a brand new account for using a different username and if you are a popular streamer, this would mean trying to …

Top Tempered Glass PC Cases in 2018

Tempered Glass

Best Tempered Glass PC Cases in 2018 Gone are the days when the PC cases were covered with acrylic panels on all sides. Manufacturers are now using much more premium Tempered glass which are much more durable and scratch resistant. They do not collect nearly as much dust as the acrylic panels. The only drawback is that the tempered glass …

The Ultimate Guide For Astroneer

Guide For Astroneer Most of you people may not be aware of the awesome game called Astroneer since it is in the preview stage of the Xbox and Windows. To those who know about this game may find it very tricky and confusing to play. Here I am to help you understand this game and make you play it ‘Like …

Where To Buy A Replacement Xbox One Power Brick

Power Brick

Xbox One Power Supply Replacement If you are using the new Xbox One S or the Xbox One X, you have an internal power supply. If you face a problem in the power supply, you will probably have to send off the whole unit for repair. However, if you are a proud owner of the original Xbox One, you know …

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