October 21, 2019
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Top 7 Tech Challenges for Businesses

Just like life itself, online life comes with risks as a given. At times, however, the IT arena can seem overly bedeviled with risks and failures. As online life has progressed, business concerns have morphed, too; yet it seems far too many IT business risks are still either 1) poorly understood or 2) fobbed off in the absence of an incident that sparks …

How To Turn Off The “OK Google” Android Voice Search

Ok Google

Google voice search is an apt competitor of Siri when it comes to the AI assistant in most of the Android smartphones. Google assistant is the basic AI for all the smartphones running on the Android platform, and Google voice search is one of the most crucial features of this assistant. With the help of Google voice search, you can …

SAP Enterprise Mobility Misconceptions You Should Not Believe


There are countless major misconceptions that appeared in regards to SAP Enterprise Mobility. It is important to separate truth from fiction. You should seriously consider using SAP service consulting to properly implement such technology and reap the benefits. Responsive Web Design Is All That Is Needed For Enterprise Mobility Nowadays, due to the widespread accessibility of frameworks like SAPUI5 and …

Data Storage – The Right Solution For Entrepreneurs

Cloud Storage

What is Data? Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables. They are facts that can be analyzed and used to optimize various processes. Data can be used to improve marketing strategies, data can also be used to actually do marketing and not just improve. Basically, data is a weapon, a tool and the base of any …

How To Defrag Windows 10?

Have you ever encountered the situation, where you are working on some important project and your system slows down? The only solution to this problem is to “defrag” the storage of your Windows 10. It is really important to defrag your hard disk over the period of time to ensure that no unnecessary files or software lies there in your …

Top Rated Photo Scanners Of 2019 You Must Invest

Photo Scanners

A photo scanner is one of many types of equipment that makes your office ready to take up any challenge. In modern times, when digitalization is in full extent, it is very easy to save room by storing files in their scanned form. Instead of having a room filled with bulky filed and countless pages, you can now make your …

Digital Marketing Basics You Need To Know For 2019

Digital marketing

Digital marketing evolved to the level at which there are countless strategies that can be used. It is nowadays so easy to just feel overwhelmed. If you are not aware of trends, what works and what does not work now, you can find yourself using a strategy that no longer effective. If you want to be relevant in 2019, be …

iPhone Hack: How To Delete All The Photos At Once?

iPhone is not just a smartphone, but a luxury which every millennial wants to have these days, and add on to that, thanks to the social media, its craze seems never-ending. However, no matter how much storage capacity your phone has, it seems useless, when after a few images and videos, the storage capacity of the phone gets exhausted. The …

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