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How Soon Can Kids Start Riding Dirt Bikes?

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It is never too young to introduce your children to dirt bikes. Each age brings a new level of passion and confidence. With the correct precautions and safety measures, there is nothing to worry about. Only you know your child and what they can handle. It is advisable to please don’t throw your child off the track. Let him or her develop and hone their motorbike skills first.

Please remember to always have your kids wear proper kid’s motorbike gear for their own safety. Safety gear of motorbike includes the following:

  • ·         DOT/Snell certified helmet,
  • ·         Dirt bike boots,
  • ·         Riding pants,
  • ·         Goggles,
  • ·         Gloves,
  • ·         Elbow/knee guards.

 Some age-wise precautionary tips are as follows:

1.   For Toddlers-

Put your toddler on a 6-volt battery-powered dirt bike. Attach some training wheels to the motorbike. This offers them an opportunity to develop a feel for the bike. By the time the youngster is three or four years old, he or she will be riding everywhere like a young professional.

Popular model /make: Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike 6V

Features: fitted with training wheels, low height of the motorbike.

  2. For 3-6 Year Old

Kids this young should stick to going 10 mph or less bike. With a safe place to ride and training wheels on like the park, backyard, etc, let them get aware of their body and bike.

Popular model/make: Yamaha PW50, Suzuki JR50,Kawasaki KDX50.

Features: 50cc 2 stroke dirt engine, very low seat heights (19 inches/48cm) 

 3.  7 to 9 Years Old

Even at this age, stick to a 50cc bike. Your children are likely to have mastered the fundamentals by now. If they haven’t already, it won’t belong. Most children at this age are capable of riding a bigger bike. In any case, the majority of them will prefer the quicker, larger alternative. At this age, look for stability and deep understanding to emerge.

Popular makes/models: Honda CRF50, Yamaha PW50, Yamaha TTR50, Suzuki DRZ-50, and KTM 50 SX.

Features: 50cc 4 stroke engine, throttle control.

   4. 10 to 11 Years Old

Whether it’s a bigger bike or a larger track, it’s time to open up the possibilities for your child. A dirt bike with less than 80cc can do the rest.

Popular makes/models: Honda CRF60 and CRF70; Yamaha YX65 and YX85; KTM KX 65 and 85 SX.

Features: throttle control, kick start only

5. 12 years Old and Above

Now is the time to go big or go home. Your child deserves the best quality, power, and stability in his motorbike. Especially if they started riding dirt bikes as a tiny child. Please don’t be afraid of the competition, it is healthy.

Popular 110cc makes/models: Yamaha TTR110E and Kawasaki KLX110

Features: 110cc 4-stroke engine and the 4-speed semi-automatic gearbox, no clutch lever.

Popular larger makes/models: Yamaha YX125, Honda CRF150, and KTM 150 SX.

Features: 125cc/ 150cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine; reed-valve inducted

An Electric Bike Or A Traditional Motorbike?

Many parents are also switching to electric bikes, which is understandable. After all, the electric-powered motorbike is the future.


The batteries in electric motorbikes are chargeable. It saves you a lot of money on gas and lowers your maintenance costs. They are also quieter, which is helpful if you intend to ride them in your garden. Whereas traditional gas motorbikes often provide higher torque and speed. The larger the engine, the faster you can travel. It also has a higher degree of stability. The kids should learn how to ride a traditional gas bike. Then, if you want to put them on an electric bike, go ahead and do it.

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