April 22, 2018
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Sky Is Never The Limit Rather A Beginning

We have probably all heard the wise saying – the sky is the limit.  This would seem to have a lot of wisdom in it at first glance. Normally, it is said that sky is the limit but what exactly you are capable of doing can never be a limit. As a child, I often heard that phrase when people …

Why Major Tourist Attractions Should Impose Limits?

tourist attractions

People love to travel. It is one of the things that we do to get out of our boring everyday lives and bring some thrill and adventure in our routine. This benefits the managements of the tourist places as well as they reap in money from tourists. However, hordes of people gathering at a single place can have drastic effects …

Say Yes To 3 As And No To Cs

Life is full of doing and rejecting something. Doing something in life is not final and failure by noting doing anything or rejecting something is not fatal.  It is definitely a continued process.  How difficult life may have seemed, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Always say Yes to three As – Accept, Adjust and Appreciate.   …

Darling, Believe Me, I Love You

I love paintings but I don’t have interest in painting. My father used to make paintings before partition or you can say before my birth but one such painting of Lord Krishna – despite our family being non-believer in God concept – with water-colors is still hanging in our house. The painting is so nicely painted, there is no damage …

How Credible Is The Internet In Today’s Times


The Internet was developed with no controlling body. It means that there is no one organization that controls the content that is posted online. The scenario was completely different about a decade ago. The key source of knowledge was the library and the thousands of books that were shelved in it. Einstein said that the only thing you really needed …

No ‘Ifs And Buts” – Our Concept Should Be Very Clear

I don’t want any excuse, ifs or buts; you would better be the tomorrow.  Such expresses are normally in our day to day life and by our seniors in the official capacity. These are used to stand for the conditions when we expect no reservations, restrictions or excuses. Perhaps you may know, It is said that earliest phrase to appear ifs and …

Top 10 Most Beautiful Chicken Breeds In The World


There are many chicken breeds that exist in this world. It is true that chicken is probably the most widely eaten meat form in the world but not many people know about the various breeds of the bird. Some of these breeds are quite beautiful to look at too. Given below are the top 10 picks for the most beautiful …

Un-posted Letter

Un posted Letter

With the entry of digital era, the letter writing is a thing of the past except in official capacity or in business houses.  The old-timers used to write a letter on a past card not wasting any corner space by writing vertically and even horizontally.  The Inland letters were used for a more spacious and on plain paper using the …

What Do The Moles On Your Body Say About Your Personality?

Moles are nothing but a growth of many cells formed together into a cluster. They form over a particular area of the skin instead of spreading all over it. They can be formed anywhere on the surface of the skin. However, according to the Hindu and Chinese astrology, their position on the skin tells a lot about the person’s personality. …

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