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7 Reasons Why I Love My Royal Enfield Bullet

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Since its inception in 1932, the Royal Enfield Bullet has remained a remarkable bike with a track record of thrilled users. Progressively delivering an exceptional experience to every bike enthusiast that has tried it, the Royal Enfield Bullet has remained a pacesetter with amazing contributions. To this day, the bike has earned and maintained its stand as the longest-running motorcycle to have ever been made on a continuous production basis. The Royal Enfield price is reasonable judging from the service, comfort, and convenience it provides. The bike features a unique fuel tank, painted by hand and with a distinguished thump to differentiate it from every other motorcycle in the market today.

Other than the simplicity in design and the fact that it manifests a resilient build, there are many reasons why the Royal Enfield Bullet is lovable.

Reasons Why I Love My Royal Enfield Bullet

  1. Conveniently Affordable

The first reason why I love my bullet is the convenience in terms of affordability. When I set out to won my bullet it was very easy because the Royal Enfield price was set such that I started with a low down payment. There is also the financing option from banks which provides instant approval and the minimum documentation required. I also benefitted from the amazing maximum funding on on-road price, which made the entire experience altogether lovable.

  1. Technical Specifications

The most interesting attributes of the Royal Enfield Bullet revolve around its technical specifications. The specifications make the value of this bike worth the Royal Enfield price you will meet in the market.  It features a single cylinder 4 stroke, air-cooled fuel injection with a 346cc displacement. The fuel supply uses an electronic fuel injection better than anything you have ever seen. Its kick-start engine and the paper element air cleaner also add to the prowess of this amazing bike. The chassis suspension also challenges your ordinary bike, presenting a single downtube that uses the engine as a stressed member. The height and weight of the bike are also just right.

  1. Enigmatic Design

The Bullet features an iconic design that makes the Royal Enfield worth it. The design is made more conspicuous credit to the engine which has been laid bare and features chrome crafted by hand for further detail. The motorcycle also features remarkable pain stripes that have been painted by hand, further adding to the exceptional appeal of the bike.

  1. Reliability

Another reason why I am passionate about my Royal Enfield Bullet is the level of reliability it offers. Featuring 19-inch dependable tires, you can always rely upon the stability of this bike. Regardless of the road, you are using, the treads of the tires will give you the surefire grip you need to enjoy your ride. There is no regretting the Royal Enfield because it lives up to the promise of reliability you left the dealership or store expecting.

  1. Exceptional Dependability

The Royal Enfield Bullet is also lovable for its exceptional dependability in terms of hardiness and performance. With this bike, you can go for years on end without having to consider buying another bike. The dependability also extends to the bike’s ability to support reasonably heavy loads or whatever it is you intend to carry. All the rider has to do is ensure that the load is well strapped up before the road trip commences.

  1. Royal Stance

The majestic stance characteristic of the Royal Enfield Bullet is also another factor worth loving. This motorbike gives the rider a seating comfort worthy of a king. On this seat, you have all the command you will ever need on the road, a quality that is reinforced by the thump adds customized to promote the imposing presence of the bike.

  1. Color Choice

Not many bike brands offer the range of color choices presented by the Royal Enfield Bullet. The bike comes in bullet silver color, forest green, onyx black, and metallic black colors depending on the owner’s color preference. The color choice is based on the model you go for. There are so many models you can choose from, with the 350 and 350 ES being at the forefront of the list as the best-selling model for the Bullet brand.

Bike enthusiasts and anyone who knows about bikes will tell you that the Royal Enfield Bullet should be your first consideration when you go out to buy a motorbike. Featuring some of the best specifications, accessories, and configurations, you will not regret the service or the performance of this bike. I made a decision to go for the Royal Enfield Bullet sometime back and haven’t looked back since!

People use this bike for long motorcycle road tours.

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