July 31, 2021
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Top Ten Male And Female Volleyball Players And Their Achievements

Volleyball is among the most interesting games with an equally interesting history to it. There have been many players of the game who have made headlines for their impeccable and amazing play on the field. The Federation Internationale de Volleyball, shortly known as the FIVB published the list of the best of volleyball players, both men, and women in the …

Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards Of The World

The fan following for the game of cricket is unfathomable, especially among the Asian countries, more so in the countries of the subcontinent. The cricket boards in these countries have a lot of opportunities to earn money, given the popularity of this game. Here we bring to you the top ten cricket boards which are counted among the richest in …

Kabaddi – A Game Of Perseverance And Strength

The sport which has been topping the charts, as much as cricket in India, in recent times is the Kabaddi. While the rise in fame for this sport has been quite recent, the sport in itself is very old in the subcontinent. Let us try and understand this game better and how the rules work out in this article. Kabaddi …

Everything that you should know about Online Cricket Fantasy App

With the evolution of the internet, online games and fantasy applications have become highly popular amongst smartphone users. Right from the apps that let you live in real-life situations to the apps that allow you to play fantasy cricket online, the world has rapidly expanded for the users. There are innumerable apps that offer you the options to make your …

The Reason Behind Booking Alexa Bliss Segment On RAW

Alexa Bliss is the name that every WWE fan is aware of. Before concussion hit her career, she was like a storm in the ring, she is two-time RAW women’s champion and is the only one who won both the titles after the brand split of RAW and Smackdown. What Is It All About? Since the time she is suffering …

The Best Memes Out There About John Cena

John Cena

Best Memes Out There About John Cena Whenever you become a public figure, you can sit back assured that there will be a lot of fans worshipping your every move. However, these celebrities have to face quite a lot of hatred as well. Some of it comes in direct form of hate letters or messages, while others choose an indirect …

Pre-Training NFL Rankings 2018

NFL Power Rankings The last season of the NFL was a killer with the Philadelphia Eagles astounding the world with their unexpected win. This year too, the season is expected to be a lot more exciting wherein we can see the rise of the all-new powerhouses other than the traditional highly ranked teams. This year too, the underdogs stand a …

Sasha Banks Spoils WWE’s Big Announcement

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks: There were recent reports that Sasha Banks may have let slip that a major WWE announcement was on its way. The announcement was about the company’s plans to bring in a new Women’s Tag Team Division. Banks let slip that the division was indeed being made, and it will be available sooner than people expect. It is quite …

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