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Big Internet Trends That Will Dominate 2017

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Last year we saw everything from rainbow-vomiting Snapchat filters to the mannequin challenges being big trending themes across the internet. And so what can we expect to be doing on our fancy new iPhones for the remainder of 2017?

The continued rise of eSports

Playing video games competitively has been one of the big entertainment trends of the past few years. And 2017 will look to see this activity growing in stature as massive events like The International show exactly how far video gaming has come in recent years.

What’s interesting is that this is starting to move from established games like CS:GO and Dota 2 to include some unlikely titles like Mario Kart and so it seems that all of our gaming is going to get a lot more competitive.

Monetised gaming

We can also see our modern gaming exploits becoming increasingly monetised. Titles as far-ranging as Clash of Clans to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood have earned developers millions through the use of in-app purchases, and this is a trend that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon.

But it’s also nice to see some gaming genres are paying back too. Nowhere is this more evident than at casino gaming websites like Lucky Nugget Casino where they even have a blog that includes some handy roulette terms to help people play this classic game with an extra level of expertise.

Streaming exclusives

When the likes of Netflix and Spotify launched they were touted as being great ways to enjoy a wide range of movies and music. But now many streaming sites are taking it into their own hands to create their own content through some pretty eye-opening exclusives.

From Netflix producing hit series like 13 Reasons Why and Orange is the New Black, to Tidal releasing exclusive albums by Kanye West and Beyoncé, it’s a trend that many leading industry figures have realised is key to attracting new customers.

Live video is the future

And finally, 2017 will definitely be the year where all of our apps encourage to take part in live video events. From chatting with our favourite celebrities via live Q&A sessions to watching sports highlights via Instagram stories, it seems that our social media lives are now about so much more than fitting our lives into a 140-character limit.

And whether we use this technology to share our online roulette skills or show off our eSportsendeavours, it all shows how fast internet trends can shift.

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