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Amazon, Google, Facebook Introduce New Features In The Last Few Months

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Amazon, Google, and Facebook are some of the pioneers when it comes to the companies in the Silicon Valley. They keep adding new features to their platforms and never take a holiday from their work. Whether it be day or night, these companies are always alive. Their worlds are ever evolving and it was rightly said that technology will be like the Greek monster Hydra, never-dying and always strong. Just within the last couple of months, these companies have collectively introduced some features individually that have real-world, consumer-facing possibilities.


Amazon launched its own personal social network by the name of Spark. It was all hush-hush and there was no big hype created for the feature. It is a social-network combined with the e-commerce platform. Spark is a major add-on for micro-influencers. It is a part of the already-existing application. Instead of bringing a new, separate application in the market, Amazon integrated Spark into the Amazon application. It is based on the concept of Instagram’s shoppable and Amazon has made it easier than Instagram. The feature is available for contribution only to Prime users, though any Amazon user can use Spark.


Facebook is the king of social network and has dominated the market for a long time. Until very recently, the administrators of the pages on Facebook had very limited segmentation options when it came to interacting with their audience and had to use their personal profiles. However, Facebook has introduced a feature that would allow the brands to create various interest-oriented groups straight from their brand pages. This feature allows Facebook brand pages to be more personal with their customers.


Google has been known to collect data based on its users’ searches. It recently introduced a feature integrated into its application that allows the users to receive news based on their personalized interests. Another feature allows the users to follow the news that they see on the Google application so that in the future, they receive similar stories. This means that even if some of the news articles are older than most, they have a high chance of showing up on the newsfeed. This would mean that the authors of the news articles would have to update their articles, also known as live content optimization.

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