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43 Point Of Sale System For Small Business

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Points Of Sale System For Small Business

It is very important for small businesses to choose the right point of sale (POS) system, which streamlines the sales process; ensuring that payments are made fast and safe. A POS system can make a small business look more specialized and reasonable, which is mainly significant for businesses who are just beginning.

With countless of the point of sale systems and software accessible, small business needs to act smart to choose the right kind which fulfill their needs.

POS Software for Small Retail Businesses

Business Trends has recognized 25 points of sale systems that could benefit small businesses. They are:-

1. Dear POS System:

Dear (Point of Sale) POS Software: Sell on multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere.
Organize your storefront and drive exponential growth with retail POS inventory software that’s powerful, intuitive, and easily deployable.

·      Advanced, Versatile and Intuitive
·      Unlimited outlets & registers
·      User control permissions
·      Register closure and cash management
·      Multiple payment methods
·      Park and retrieve sales

DEAR POS can be used on Ipad, Android, PC and Mac, giving you complete freedom of choice across all platforms.

2.Brilliant POS Software

Brilliant POS helps business to swap standard cash registers with a stand-alone terminal, a receipt/label printer, and a barcode scanner, for a starting price of $399. With the Brilliant POS, system vendors can do payments, manage timesheets, and find out the inventory, run reports, and more. With cloud backup and offsite contact, Brilliant POS diminishes the worry of losing data if a device is misplaced or stolen, as all the data is stored safely on the Brilliant POS servers

3.Vend POS Software


Vend is the famous retail POS software in the United States which is devoted to making things easy for the retailers to sell to their customers. This works with important merchant providers from around the world, Vend allows businesses to select the best way to accept payments, including debit, credit and gift cards. Vend allows ease of sale, irrespective of whether retailers use Vend’s receptive web-based POS on PC, Mac or the Vend Register iPad.

4.HDPOS Smart – POS Billing Software


HDPOS Smart POS Billing Software: This software is the best solution to manage your retail business. It has a very easy user boundary and has all the features you will require to run your business. You will love the instinctive picture-based communication and a number of other features it offers

5.Banq Software


Banq pompously declares that it can streamline the check-out procedure and carry improved customer experiences, by providing new businesses with a cash register with advanced features. Some of these innovative features include a built-in CRM, the capability to create purchase orders, multi-language options, buying ordering and stock transfers, and being able to track gift card balances.

6.Revel POS terminal


Revel comes with a number of features to ease the business processes, including QuickBooks integration, analytics, payroll management and appointment scheduling. A standard Revel POS terminal consists of an iPad, payment device, POS stand, router, Wi-Fi access point, POS printer and a secure cash drawer. Revel gives POS solutions for diverse businesses, including retailers, restaurants, sports stadiums, self-service kiosks and convenience stores.

7. Lightspeed POS Point of Sale Software


Lightspeed is a point of sale and e-commerce provider based in Montreal, Canada, offering small and medium-sized businesses in the retail and restaurant sectors point of sale solutions. Lightspeed’s founder Dax Dasilva told Small Business Trends how the company is the “most powerful cloud-based commerce solution for independent businesses for both in store and online applications.”

8.POS Nation – Retailers POS


POS Nation gives retailers a POS system that can be altered according to their prior needs. Users can modify the system, selecting the software, hardware, and peripherals needed to enhance productivity and success.

POS Nation allows businesses to achieve different aspects of operations, from finances to inventory, and gain the vision to make better commercial decisions.



Shopify is a low-cost POS for businesses with plans beginning at low at $29 a month. With an easy-to-use boundary, Shopify does not necessitate much training. Mobile POS is accessible with Shopify as the system works on iPhone and iPad. A three-tiered payment classification includes Basic Shopify, planned for start-ups, Shopify to support growing businesses, and Advanced Shopify, for scaling businesses.

10.Toast – POS System


Toast is an all-in-one management explanation for restauranteurs. The system offers delivery tracking, real-time reporting, online ordering, and more. The Android POS system is fully flexible and is attainable to eateries of all sizes.

11.ShopKeep – POS Software


ShopKeep is a POS system intended for retail, quick serve, restaurant and bar and franchises. ShopKeep can be used for processing of payments, inventory management, transactions, consumer marketing, staff management, reporting and analytics, and more. Shop Keep’s hardware consists of iPad enclosures, cash drawers, printers, readers and other robust hardware to furnish for the needs of modern businesses.

Unlike other POS vendors, which gives tiered payment arrangements, ShopKeep touts a standard price, allowing businesses to take advantage from its complete point of sale system from a low as $2.50 a day.

12. Acme


Acme Point of Sale is made precisely for retail. Fighting credit card fraud at the point of sale is an important significance for all retailers. Acme offers secure payment solutions with any device. The Acme Wonder Bundle has a point of sale software, a 7000 Series Touch Screen Windows 10 computer with Intel Inside, a choice of Aggressive Built-in or external barcode scanners and a high speed/ hop swappable receipt printer. The Wonder Bundle costs $1,495 than $19 a month.

13.Square Up


Square Up is a POS system that’s built to grow as a small business grows. This powerful POS platform allows businesses to do payments, digital receipts, open tickets, inventory, reports, and more.

Square Up is designed for a different type of business, regardless of the industry. The system is free to download and can be used as a mobile POS on a smartphone or on a tablet at a counter.

14.Cashier Live


Cashier Live allows smart online POS software solutions for retailers. Businesses can contact the software via the internet, or through iPad or iPhone apps. Cashier Live’s software assists businesses ring up sales with ease, as well as tracking inventory, managing staff, accessing data and generating reports.



Restaurateurs are mostly interested in TouchBistro which is an easy-to-use and inexpensive POS system intended especially for the needs of the restaurant industry. Mobile payments are becoming a key feature in modern payment systems, and TouchBistro is friendly with the iPad, giving restauranteurs additional flexibility. The POS system provides 24/07 support and a number of pricing structures which range from the Solo plan at $69 a month, to the Unlimited plan at $399 a month.

16. iConnect


iConnect gives advanced POS solutions for the retail, salon, restaurant, petroleum and micro-market sectors. Through calculable IT and operational savings, multi-unit management, and reporting, on-demand access to reporting and cloud connectivity, iConnect POS offers companies with better employee and customer services. This corporate POS is helping thousands of small businesses on main street America increase sales with trustworthiness and marketing automation.



Springboard is a powerful, cloud-based POS software and controlling system for retailers. The platform is intended to help retailers sell more and sell smarter. The intuitive and easy to use point of sale system works on mobile and desktop devices and being cloud-based permits businesses to access key data whilst on the go.



Gotmerchant gives a fully loaded Harbortouch POS system for restaurant and retail businesses. This fully-inclusive POS system includes all the basic hardware and software required for an operative point of sale system, limitless training, specialized on-site installation, lifetime 24/7 technical care and other features which are made to help small businesses revolutionize business processes with no start-up cost.



Lavu is a POS system for the iPad for coffee shops, food trucks, restaurants, pizzerias, bars and other types of the catering business. Lavu offers a leading point of sale technology, which is planned specifically for restaurants and bars. Some of the key benefits of using the Lavu system are that industry-leading payment processing rates, 24/7 US-based customer care, menu and restaurant layout customization and shift scheduling for relaxed clocking in and out.



Bindo is a POS system for the iPad which allow retailers and restaurateurs to manage their business easily with a cloud-based POS. From invoicing to time clocking, Bindo has around 300 features designed to streamline business operations. The system provides actionable analytics, detailed metrics which are gracefully presented to provide businesses with an understanding of how changes can be made. Bindo’s hardware includes everything from barcode scanners to scales, which are supported by the Bindo’s comprehensive point of sale system.

21.Bluestore Live


Bluestore Live gives retailers a flexible point of sale system that can work on diverse hardware. At the heart of Bluestore Live is an admin console, in which a business’s data is safely stored on BlueStore’s servers living in the cloud or the company’s own private URL.

22.Tiger POS


Tiger POS is a type of sale platform that has been designed for store owners by store owners, especially for liquor store owners. This reasonable POS system has an age confirmation feature, as well as shelf tagging, reporting, safety camera integration and purchasing and receiving abilities.


23.HDSchool – School Management Software

HDSchool School management Software: This software is perfect software for running your data while running a school or an institute. It handles complex fee structures, student records, library and other inventory too.

Thus these are the options which can be adequately used for small business.

Businesses can buy the complete system for $1799 or pay just $15 a week.



Quickbooks’ point of sale is EVA-ready and is made to support the most efficient payment technology. Small businesses can take benefit of simple credit card processing which is combined with Quickbooks and encrypted for the protection of the business and its customers’ data.



For the jewelry sector SWIM is the suitable option. It offers a POS system which is designed for an iPad. This POS assists jewelers with sales processing and the management of their business. Features are exact to the jewelry business and include stock counting, instant quotes and custom orders, as well as a number of marketing tools.

26.My Check


In 2014 MyCheck made the announcement of full incorporation into POS itouch Point of Sale software. This payment knowledge platform enables brands to increase engagement with customers and modify their digital experience. MyCheck’s POS integration needs no special hardware and offers unique reporting tools.


AccuPOS is a POS system with account management that combines with major accounting systems. It’s designed particularly for QuickBooks and Sage accounting platforms, but is highly flexible, to make restaurant operations and bookkeeping well-organized and integrated. The system can work with touchscreen PC POS, Android tablet, customer displays and handheld POS. Bars, restaurants, counter services and retail will find AccuPOS able to match their process flows. Core POS tools have mobile POS, barcode scanning, receipt printing and credit card processing. AccuPOS also features time clock solutions, CRM and staff management modules.

28.eZee BurrP

eZeeBurrP is a feature-rich restaurant POS system with an included feedback system. It also gives the option of the digital menu and caters to countless food establishments, such as fine dining, fast-food chain, cafe, member’s club and bar and lounges. It is most appropriate for multi-location restaurants looking for typical POS features including self-service kiosk, kitchen display and dashboard. eZeeBurrP! Also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. To the more, it features a head office module that lets you consolidate menu display and pricing across your branch network. The centralized system also lets partial control of stock and inventory in each branch. Other restaurant management tools include the inventory management module, which helps you cut expenditure. It also gives real-time data on stocks to prevent discrepancies.

29.RanceLab Fusion Resto


RanceLabFusionResto provides a wide-ranging restaurant management system featuring a single platform to run the numberless aspects of your operations, including POS. It presents a flawless option to keeping the separate software for POS, inventory, back-office and website. It’s suitable for a wide range of food establishments, such as food court, quick service, take away counter, bakery, nightclub, bar, canteen and fine dining. The system is simple to set up and has a low learning curve. The features of this software include the inventory and recipe management module, which tracks the ingredients of your menu items for consistency. You also get actionable reports via Android or iOS devices, as well as, payroll management and customer management tools.



Breadcrumb is designed by restaurateurs and is appropriate to different restaurant types. It offers check management, real-time data and customization tools. It also features other key functionalities including a guestbook system for VIPs, bill splitting, discount and void administration and tip adjustments. Similarly, it works in offline mode to help you send orders, create checks and read credit cards even with a poor internet connection. You can also create shift notes to alert employees right inside the POS system. Moreover, tracking sales, guest count, menu items and utilization trends are easy via your iPhone. Breadcrumb also allows tab pattern for tab labeling, filtering of open and closed tabs or card swiping from the check screen.

31.Loyverse POS


Loyverse POS offers a complimentary basic POS system for small stores including coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries and bars, allows the smartphone or tablet to act as a mobile console. The system also offers completely featured small business and enterprise packages. You can easily install Loyverse POS on any Android or iOS device and start managing sales, customer loyalty programs and build a mailing list. It also features a separate free app for inaccessible access to your sales analytics and inventory metrics. Through cloud access, you can manage multiple stores wherever you have internet.



Ordyx is a POS system ideally suited for restaurants with numerous locations. It gives a cloud-based centralized restaurant management system to help owners and managers check orders, payments and sales. Particularly, it allows for remote authorization and is compatible with iOS devices so you stay linked wherever you have internet. It can involuntarily send SMS and email in real-time to notify you of closing hours, comps or voids. The system also lets you use your existing hardware even as it provides software updates.

33.Cake POS


The cake is a POS system with an included guest management system that helps you manage wait-listed customers. Text alerts are sent to waiting for guests once their table is ready, thus, serving to minimize no-shows. It’s a helpful tool to optimize your peak hours. The cake is completely designed for the foodservice industry, from quick service to full service, to help them run the whole restaurant operations more efficiently and profitably. It features an instinctive touch screen line that servers and kitchen staff can easily learn. The POS system also has a hardware and service bundle including POS terminal and thermal printer. Likewise, it has offline capabilities to keep your POS running even with an intermittent internet connection. Cake can be configured to go well with specific workflows including flexible table and menu tools.



Vovonet features robust back-office reporting and analytics included to its POS tools. A data-focused system, it assists restaurants to make more knowledgeable business decisions armed with real-time insights to get better operations and drive growth.

Similarly, the POS system is scalable to diverse restaurant types and sizes, giving them full control over their day-to-day activities. It helps streamline key processes, such as payments, menu display and communication between kitchen and customer-facing staff. Vivonet also includes mobile POS and permit customers to pay with cash, credit card or gift cards. Other essential features include sales reporting and forecasting, CRM, business intelligence and staff management.

35.PixelPoint POS


PixelPoint POS has the normal cash management tools that help you run the scope of restaurant operations from table service to cost management. It is configurable to match precise workflows in the fast service and full-service business. In addition, it gives you a perpetual license or subscription options to fit into your cash flow. PixelPoint POS is feature-rich. The Advanced Cost Management in exacting help you control inventory, labor, schedule and forecasting. Meantime, the Loss Prevention module prevents thefts and errors. You also get to view live metrics for real-time reporting and push loyalty and gift deals. The POS system is also acquiescent to PCI and PA-DSS security protocols and meets fiscal policies at city/state/province/country levels. Likewise, it subscribes to labor regulations and incorporation with key business systems.

36.NCR Silver


NCR Silver is an additional complete POS-integrated restaurant management software, which offers the system bundled with hardware and service. Total by NCR is a complete package that includes the POS and management tools for iOS- or Android. The hardware consists of a console, chip reader, wireless printer, card reader, cash drawer, USB scanner and register. Aside from POS, NCR Silver gives employee management, inventory control, sales reporting and scheduling using both counter and mobile platforms. It is perfect also used for retail and service industries.

37.Zomato Base


Zomato Base is the cloud POS system of the well-liked restaurant review platform, Zomato. It is well-suited with KOT printers, cash drawers and kitchen displays and its functionalities can be prolonged via an integrated app marketplace. The system also allows restaurant management tools to help you run the main features of your operations from a single platform. Food establishments of any type and size will find. Zomato Base a big help to systematize and unify their daily activities and process flows.



Clover bundles its POS system with hardware with set alternatives for EMV/NFC swipes, portable POS, countertop setup and smartphone-ready, contactless payment device. Especially, it banners an ultra-portable POS device called Clover Flex, which allows you to carry out where your customers are, including in the aisle, at tableside or counter. Bundles are wrap up as Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station and Clover Go for various POS setups, whether mobile or fixed. Likewise, Clover features other restaurant management tools for inventory management, real-time reporting, loyalty programs, staff management and accounting. All bundles help you manage inventory, edit menus and monitor staff activities and performance.



Aireus is a design-oriented full-service POS system with the extremely configurable structural design. It’s designed for restaurants that want an imaginative and rapid idea-to-deployment platform for their POS and restaurant management system. It gives tight control over your POS transactions.

40.Brink POS


Brink POS is a customer-centric cloud POS system that factors in customer tech outlook in their dining experience. Customers today wait for mobile, self-service and online POS channels to place orders and check out. Brink POS is quick to implement these and potential technologies into the system. Moreover, the system wants to fit society and lifestyle into customers’ POS experience. These include paying for EMV cards or gift cards or menu selecting via smartphone or desktop. To help you stay up with various POS channels, Brink POS is system-wide synced and can run in offline mode during emergencies.

 41.Paypal Here


PayPal Here is a credit card reader and mobile app which can be downloaded onto an iPad, Android or Windows device that provides a solid POS system for businesses that allow credit card processing. The system features programmed invoicing, barcode scanning, debit card PIN processing, and digital receipts.


Salons Management Software

HDSalon POS Software is a great business management software which is also a rich interactive user border to manage your actions. It actually makes work easy and flexible.





ePOS is a widespread point of sale system for the hospitality and retail industries The POS is obtainable on mobile iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs and Macs. ePOS system is stress-free to use and staff can be trained on it in 15 minutes. Real-time reports can be made and monitored from anywhere. The POS includes a payment system, online ordering platforms, office systems an CRM.

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