February 23, 2024
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Top 7 Tech Challenges for Businesses

Just like life itself, online life comes with risks as a given. At times, however, the IT arena can seem overly bedeviled with risks and failures. As online life has progressed, business concerns have morphed, too; yet it seems far too many IT business risks are still either 1) poorly understood or 2) fobbed off in the absence of an incident that sparks …

Is 3D Sound The Next Big Frontier For Virtual Reality?

3D sound

Virtual Reality is one of the latest pinnacle that our technology has achieved and it has helped us get immersed into a world outside of our own reality. Giving us realistic images and videos, our hands automatically try to reach out for the things that are not there when we use Virtual Reality devices. After fully embracing and perfecting the …

Un-posted Letter

Un posted Letter

With the entry of digital era, the letter writing is a thing of the past except in official capacity or in business houses.  The old-timers used to write a letter on a past card not wasting any corner space by writing vertically and even horizontally.  The Inland letters were used for a more spacious and on plain paper using the …

Fingers Are Mightier Than Guns

Pens serve an important role in our lives. They help us remember important events, get our creative ideas on paper, expand our knowledge, and help us communicate with others. While these facts may be a bit random, at least we know a little more about the supply we use every single day. Pens are around 5,000 years old when ancient …

Life Hacks That Make You More Productive In Life

There are many people who complain that they do not have enough time in their daily lives to complete all the necessary tasks. However, at the same time, we see that there are people who not only complete all their daily chores but also find time for their hobbies. How is it that these people become so productive in their …

Upcoming Trends In Technology That Are Currently Trending


We live in a time where technology is well-accepted as the future. From reaching as far as Mars to building automated systems here on Earth, we seem to not stop at any cost. Technology is playing a big role in shaping our future, considering how far we have come thanks to it. These technologies are giving us immense power to do …

Modern Day Relationships And The Reason For Their Failure

Modern day relationships

The old days are gone. No more is love compared to the pure and saintly thing that it is. Instead, relationships have become as dispensable as Kleenex tissues; people use and throw away the relationships after they are done soaking the mess. While this may sound harsh, it can be considered both as a negative and positive thing. The negative …

How Has Technology Changed Our Lives?

“Technology” a word that weighs more than love, family, relationships, emotions and every other humanly thing, has a great impact on the life of every individual. From waking up to an alarm to sleeping on a rocking bed, technology drives a human life round the clock. No matter you realize it or not, technology has become such an inseparable part …

SELFIES–Means To Your Safety With UberSAFE

Global taxi service provider-UBER-has recently developed a number of initiatives for the betterment of drivers as well as riders. It is a part of the UberSAFE campaign. This strategy is supposed to create a course of action to revive Uber financially as well as culturally and encourage user safety. WHY IS THIS CHANGE IMPORTANT? These changes are a part of …


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