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When Words Are Not Enough, A Photograph Can Say More

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The most common means of human communication is language and for good reason, languages are sets of convention and conventions are convenient.

But what you cannot express from the world of words made from 26 alphabets of English language, you can better express in a single click of a photograph to say more!

Each one can make the number of different stories from the single photograph clicked through the third eye of the camera.

Photography is considered one of the best media for child rights awareness now a day. Through photography, one can make others objective to focus attention and create visibility of issues related to various issues as it is easy to understand through photographs than words.

Languages are the high point of human expression but this is a mistake. Language is not the only tool with which to express yourself, and sometimes not even the best one. Languages are indeed amazing, but so too are other means of human expression. When words become unclear, you can express with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be comfortable with silence.  This is the reason, certain mature photographers spend hours, days together to click a single photograph to express their feelings in the clicked photograph, than words.

I recollect when I presented the photograph clicked to one of nearest newly wedded couple with a word – Silence is a great art of conversation and it was appreciated. Sometimes which one cannot express in words, can put across with the click of particular moments in a photograph.

In another incident, it was the photograph, I call to mind, which was sent for caption contest of mentally retarded person to a newspaper and when it was published, the relatives came to meet me after getting my address from the newspaper, to know about the well-being of the person who has left home but did not reach back.

No doubt, words are, after all, incredible versatile things but Edward Hopper rightly opined that if you could say it in words, there would not reason to paint.  In other words, if few can paint like Hopper, the others can have to feel in that painting.

Still, every means of expression have their weaknesses as well as their strengths but at the same time, words are no exception as some cannot even express their thoughts in better words.

Frankly speaking, photography is one of the best media to express many things without writing even a single word.

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