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Our Pick of 5 Indian Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2021

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In today’s modern age of fast fashion and high-speed technology, social media is the main hub for all things fashion-related. This generation is known to make the most out of fashion, whether it’s in terms of style or comfort, and that is clearly reflected in the various latest fashion trends. Social media platforms have made it very easy for those with an interest in fashion to follow their favorite celebrities, influencers like Serin George and take some much-needed inspiration to explore. Among many such platforms is Myntra Studio, a social media launched by Myntra to help bridge the gap between influencers and their followers.

With Myntra Studio, you can easily follow all your favorite influencers and buy anything that catches your eye right away by clicking on the “Shop Products” option at the bottom left corner of every post.

This is bound to make staying in touch with all the latest trends a much easier job for you. To get your daily dose of different types of fashion, here are the top 4 Indian fashion influencers you can follow on Myntra Studio:

  1. Serin George:

    Serin George is a fashion influencer known for her minimalist outfits and creative makeup looks. Serin believes in the charm of bright hues and simple prints, putting together the most timeless looks with sarees, jumpsuits, pearl necklaces, pleated trousers, etc. You can follow her for some fashion tips on how to maintain the perfect balance between creative and classic.

  2. Pranali Mistry:

    With Pranali Mistry, you can learn how to get rid of any fear that keeps you from trying out different types of clothes. Pranali Mistry truly leaves no stones unturned to achieve her desired looks. From unique fashion choices like ruffle sarees and calf-length shirt dresses to simple yet chic ones like tie-dye, she has truly nailed it all.

  3. Asmita Kaushik:

    Asmita Kaushik’s Myntra Studio profile will give you the best girl-next-door vibes. Her fashion consists of extremely stylish fashion choices with classic co-ords, summer dresses, leather pants, tracksuits, kurtas, and more. Asmita Kaushik will teach you how to dress perfectly for every occasion.

  4. Sakshi Sindwani:

    Sakshi Sindwani is another must-follow fashion influencer to give you all the fashion tips you need. Whatever the outfit of the day might be, Sakshi goes all the way to make sure it’s as chic as it gets. From denim on denim to classic a-line slip dresses, she flaunts it all.

  5. Peri Brahma:

    Peri is all about sweeping lengths and long sleeves that provide flattering silhouettes. Along with that, she also stays in touch with all the latest trends and gets them just right. Her profile is a versatile collection of fashion tips for formal, ethnic, casual as well as fancy locations, so don’t forget to take a look.

By following these Myntra Studio fashion influences like Serin George, Peri Brahma, and more, you have everything you need to explore the hidden fashionista in you, right at your fingertips. Click the follow button, go to their “Recommended Products” section and start shopping right away!


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