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When I Got Answers To All My Questions!!

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Normally, it is my daily routine, even after my retirement that I get myself dressed up in the morning and come back in the afternoon even sometimes tired.  But occasionally I feel as to whether even now, I work to live or live to work.

In everyone’s childhood, the only one common question asked is as to what you would like to become when grown-up? And the answer which everyone gets that I want to become a child again and one feels as if tired from the life and wants to settle the scores of life.

But when I recall about my old friends, despite the fact that some of them were mean and vulgar but one thing is certain that charm was with them only.  My pocket full of currency introduced with many but sometimes empty with my own nears and dears.

When I started earning, I could understand that my pleasures were with the money from parents but day to day need was met-out from my own income.

There are certain times when one has to laugh even if he is not in a mood. And when someone asks, “How are you?” he has to say, ‘I am enjoying anything”.

Life is like a drama on the stage when everyone has to do that.  In real life, one is jealous of other.  On the other hand, the scientists are researching as to whether there is a life on mars or not but the man is searching as if there are pleasures in life or not.

Someone has nicely said about the difference between the sleep and death. The answer given was so beautiful – Sleep is half-death whereas death is complete sleep.

In fact, life runs at its own pace but with the help of others, we are taken on the last journey.  It is a life circle of a morning, evening, sleeping and repetition – some console themselves by weeping or cursing throughout their life and some hide their pains in their laugh.

What an irony of luck, the living man drowns in the water and dead-body shows by swimming.

Frankly speaking, the life has become like a conductor, we have to travel daily journey without any target and we try to get the answer to our every question and ultimately I got it when one day I entered in my room.

The roof of the house said, keep your thoughts high, the fan said, stay cool, the clock said, every second is precious, mirror in the room said, before doing anything, do introspect. Not only this, even the widow said, do see the world and the calendar hanging in my room said, do up-to-date and the door said, try your best to reach to your aim.

The lines on your body or in day to day life are very unique.  If they are rightly on your forehead, gives you luck, if marked on the ground, make borders to divide between the two and if put on your skin, it sheds blood. It also creates a big wall if it comes in-between the relations.

Last but not the least, Rs.1 lac is not complete lac if it is short of one rupee. We all are like that one rupee among our hundreds of friends but do keep it cozily, warmly or snugly and all others are false, lust and fraud.

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