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When I Got Answers To All My Questions!!

Normally, it is my daily routine, even after my retirement that I get myself dressed up in the morning and come back in the afternoon even sometimes tired.  But occasionally I feel as to whether even now, I work to live or live to work. In everyone’s childhood, the only one common question asked is as to what you would like …

Life Is Full Of Challenges At The Crossroads

Life is full of challenges and opportunities and everyone in his life must have come at crossroads.  It’s up to you as to how you respond to those turning points that make a difference to your life. In a number of situations, normally it is said that one should take a risk because you hide away, nothing will ever happen.  Even if …

Understanding Life Through Proverbs

Life on this planet earth is a privilege which one attains through a biological process with thousands of years of evolution as per Darwin’s theory. Living a normal life is a routine but living a wonderful life by giving something to the society, is an art. Giving something to others by virtue of our experiences is making the life more …

When Both Left And Right Are Right

Left-Right, Left-Right reminds me of the school days when we used to have NCC parade and speak loudly in a rhythm to match the footings. Both left and right have different meaning and standing in one’s life.  In India, right from the childhood, everyone is asked to drive on your left side not only to save yourself but to save the …

The Language Of Life Is – I CAN

I Can - Life

One may learn a number of languages in his life but ultimately the language of life is “I Can” as he has the capacity and ability to do anything provided he has the will to do. We have often seen children blocking the path of the army of ants on the wall with their hands, even most of us do …

Life Is A Puzzle, But With A Solution

Among the various definitions about the life – a challenge, accept it, – a song, sing it, a book, read it, a mystery, solve it and so on – it is also considered to be as a puzzle. It is said that if you are not a part of the problem, you are part of the solution also. Every puzzle, …

Life Is Too Like A 52-cards Deck With A Joker

Much has been said about life. Once Amrita Pritam said in one of her poems, it is like water in a cracked pot – Ve Mein Tidke Ghare Da Pani. One painter has described it as a painting of watercolors only which will vanish with the passage of time. While someone has said, it is a like water bubble, which …

Grandparents Live Longer The More They Hang Out With Companions


Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that loneliness plays a large role in the decline so often associated with old age. The study followed 1,600 adults, with an average age of 71, despite controlling for socioeconomic status and health, the lonely consistently held higher mortality rates. Nearly 23% of lonely participants died within six years of the …

Silence Is True Wisdom’s Best Reply: Euripides


While the quote “Silence is true wisdom’s best reply” by Euripides is small, it holds quite a deep meaning in itself. It is also very controversial in itself as it depends on the situation whether silence is the best reply or not. There are times when offering advice in a situation leads to argument more than there are times when …

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