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Four Stages in Which Alcohol and Drug Rehab Works To Offer Optimal Results

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Recovery from addiction takes time, effort, support, and willpower.  Due to this, it is believed that taking help from a professional is better than juggling yourself.  You will find many detox drugs near me that will offer you quality treatment and ensure you live a healthy and addiction-free life.

However, the first thing that comes to a person’s mind before taking the treatment is how it works.  That is why here is a guide for you that will exemplify the four stages of the detox rehab program and lead you towards a sober life.  So let’s check out in detail the stages of recovery.

Treatment Initiation

When you visit a detox center to get help from a professional, you must go through the first step of recovery, which is treatment initiation.  Most people have a strange feeling in their visit’s first few hours or days.  You might feel that the addiction is not that bad.  Remember, ambiance and denial can be your worst enemy.  So at this point, some things may help you-

  • Look at the damaging effect of addiction
  • Explore the feeling that is resulting in a denial
  • Help the person become motivated to recover

Early Abstinence

Once you decide to continue the treatment, you will go through the second stage of rehab, which is early abstinence.  This stage is significant for a drug-free life.  It offers you positive outcomes.  However, this stage might be quite tough because of-

  • Facing withdrawal systems
  • Personal craving
  • Physiological dependence

Maintaining Abstinence

After almost 90 days in detox rehab, you will move towards the third stage, Maintaining abstinence.  If you are going through residential treatment, you will continue counseling.  This stage will help you avoid relapse.  However, some things will help you to learn about abstinence and improve the quality of life in this stage-

  • Avoid any kind of substituting addiction
  • Build healthy relationships with other patients
  • Follow the motive of a drug-free lifestyle
  • Start managing your anger
  • Utilize yourself in exercise and nutrition

Advanced Recovery

The last stage will be done after five years of abstinence.  In this stage, you will reach advanced recovery.  In this stage, all the tools and skills will be practiced by you with the help of counseling.  You can put all these skills into your daily life and fulfill your needs.  However, some strategies might help you in this stage-

  • Create long-term goals
  • Establish a daily schedule
  • Form social relationships
  • Participate in recreational activities

These are the four stages in which a detox rehab works. First, it ensures that you become addicted free from the root, and no matter the situation, you never take help from alcohol.

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