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What Is Site Civil Engineering?

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Have you heard about site civil engineering before? If yes, then that is great, but if you haven’t then make sure to read this article until the end.

Site Civil Engineering: What Exactly It Is?

Also known as general civil engineering, a site civil engineering is a branch of civil engineering the focuses on translating a tract of land from one use to another.

Most of the time, site engineers spend their time visiting the project or construction sites, preparing the construction plans, and meeting with the stakeholders.

However, it is worth mentioning that the responsibilities and role of site civil engineers are not specific for every project or construction site. Usually, the changes will depend on the activities as well as the site circumstance of the projects.

To give you an idea here are some of the roles and responsibilities of site civil engineers.

  • Technical Activities

Site activities such as the survey control and level of establishment that is needed for the control of contracts should be done under the branch of civil site engineering. The tasks need to be set out as per the contract drawing. This will require to check on the construction site on a regular basis.

The records should be accurate and need to meet the legal and organizational requirements.

The site engineer, on the other hand, needs to face any unanticipated difficulties raised from technical sides.

  • Construction Site Responsibilities

Site civil engineers are people who spend most of their time at the construction sites with other designers as well as managers. They are also updated daily regarding the activities and designs in the coming days depending on which they implement them at the site.

  • Prepare schedules and reports

The site civil engineer is also responsible for ensuring that the construction site has enough resources to complete the job. Usually, this is performed by having a procurement schedule for the tasks carried out as well as a bridge with the procurement department.

Reports on the forthcoming works to be carried out at the construction site are produced and prepared by the civil site engineer 14 days ahead.

In addition to that, the site civil engineer is responsible for keeping the site diaries along with the corresponding sheets for provision.

Aside from the above-mentioned, there are other site civil engineer roles and responsibilities that you need to know. But hopefully, you have learned a lot of new information in this article.

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