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Beauty Myth Busted

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Most people, when asked about their definition of beauty, will blurt out some physical or rather superficial characteristics that they think is  ideal. They would begin to describe a person of certain height, weight, facial features, etc. as ‘beautiful’. It usually goes something like this: “I like big blue/green/yellow/eyes, long blonde/black/ red hair, muscles or maybe their voice ….” Rarely do you hear someone reply, “What makes someone beautiful to me is their generosity, courage, kindness, and sense of humor.”

Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance? Magazines constantly offer tips about how to lose weight “in days,” appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide our “imperfections”… without actually knowing anything about us, much less our appearance. This is one example of body-shaming
Body shaming is very common these days and each of us has faced it or is facing it..and the way we can end that is by understanding the true meaning of the word “acceptance”. As and when we start to accept ourselves, the word “flaws” will begin losing its power over us and others and probably become extinct.

Whether you’re too fat, too thin, too short or too long, remember that is just one part of you and its okay..it doesn’t define you, it’s just how you look, it has no relation to who you are or who you’re going to be !!

See the thing is that if you are not perfect, then you are not entitled to judge anyone. Once when you’ll become perfect judge people, pass comments..but you know what the thing is? That day will never come because nobody is made perfect, we can just strive for perfection and probably never achieve it unless we accept ourselves because Perfection isn’t really a state of being but a state of mind. Once you begin to think “I am enough. I am perfect.” Making others see that isn’t going to be too big a task!

source: https://laywi4us.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/youself.png



  • Appreciate what your body does for you!
  • Inner beauty never fades!
  • You are worthy of everything!
  • Be what you want to be, not what others want to see!




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