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She Is A Nightmare For The Neighbours

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A RETIRED college lecturer hounded a young family out of their home, vowing: “I’ve got rid of 11 neighbours already and I can get rid of you”, the statement of Widow Susan Pumford, 62, who banged on the walls, screamed abuse, threatened to vandalise cars, threw rubbish things which made people startled and daunted.

Increasing the heights the court even felt that like Norman Bates in the Hitchcock film Psycho, she even had loud “conversations” with her dead mother, husband, and brother, using voices to impersonate them. Magistrates were told that over nine months Pumford subjected Darrel Green, 41, girlfriend Katie Murray, 38, and their two children to daily abuse, alleging they made too much noise.

She threatened Mr. Green by saying that she would smash his head in and kill the family’s dog. In this regard, A Manchester court was told that the police didn’t intervene and remained non-responsive until she threatened to kill Mr. Green. Such was the fusillade of abuse, it caused Mr. Green and Ms. Murray to split up and move out of their house. However, they have reconciled since.

Mr. Green said:

“At times I didn’t want to go outside in case I saw her. We had never wronged her. We wanted to start afresh at this new house and we couldn’t because of her.”

The court heard Pumford, who had lived in her house in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester since 1985. She began her vicious and peculiar drive when the family moved next door. After they unpacked their furniture, Pumford yelled through the walls all night.


On Thursday, retired Bury College lecturer Pumford admitted harassment and was given a two-year conditional discharge for severely impacting Mr. Green’s life. She was also ordered to pay £420 compensation and was forced not to contact the couple. Mr. Green even said that her behavior was getting worse which truly caused their relationship to break down.

Nevertheless, the court heard Pumford who now lives with her son in The Haslingden area. Her lawyer David Abbott told the hearing about the claims against her by the neighbours:

“Before this case, she has never been before the court, and in my professional opinion, she never will again.”

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