July 21, 2024
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Stop Hating Yourself, Ladies, Says Priyanka Chopra: See Video Inside

Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra appeared fresh-faced with her naturally wavy hair for Allure magazine’s summer digital cover. She also appeared in a video for the brand, where she talks about how women are forced to stick to some beauty standard, as women are  “always been treated as second-class citizens.” She further said: “We’ve always been told that only one of us can win and …

A Thing Of Beauty Is Present Everywhere

Beauty – a combination of qualities that gives pleasures to the senses of human-being.  It is an inborn instinct in human to appreciate beauty. Sometimes a beautiful object fills the hart with job and delight.  The internal soul gets stirred by the external view of beauty.  A biological process has developed an eye to see and express beauty right from …

Beauty Myth Busted

Most people, when asked about their definition of beauty, will blurt out some physical or rather superficial characteristics that they think is  ideal. They would begin to describe a person of certain height, weight, facial features, etc. as ‘beautiful’. It usually goes something like this: “I like big blue/green/yellow/eyes, long blonde/black/ red hair, muscles or maybe their voice ….” Rarely …


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