July 06, 2022
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BHIM And PhonePe, Step Aside: Tez Is Here To Steal The Market

The Finance Ministry led by Arun Jaitley has confirmed, through a tweet, the launch of the latest application to facilitate the Digital India Campaign, Google’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) based digital service called Tez. The app would be launched in a press conference on Monday, i.e., 18th September 2017. FM Shri @arunjaitley to launch the Google Digital Payment app ‘‘ …

Google To Launch Tez In India

Google is all set to take part in the digitisation happening in India. With Paytm and Mobikwik dominating the market when it comes to digital payment, Google is now preparing to break the trend. To be launched as early as next week, the payment service is being called ‘Tez’, regional for fast. It is also reported that there would be …

5 Things You Should Never Search For On The Internet

Searching on Google has become an everyday task for us. From the recipes of delicious food to assignments we don’t know the answers to, Google comes to the rescue. The search engine has results for almost everything you ask of it. It has unlimited reach when it comes to finding something you are looking for. Over the years, people have …

Depression Diagnosis Tool To Be Incorporated In Google Search

Google is teaming up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has come up with a tool to help people who are depressed. The tech giant has incorporated a tool in its US search where anyone searching about depression will see a pop-up question asking them if they are depressed. This tool is hoped to steer people from depression …

Damore Fired By Google After Writing A Memo On Google’s Internal Forum

James Damore, an engineer at Google, lost his job after posting an internal memo criticizing various Google policies. Although free speech is a right granted by the government, he was fired for creating an unhealthy environment when he blamed biological differences between men and women as a reason for the lack of women in tech companies. The memo got leaked …


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