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Android Beats iOS In A Neat Trick For Updating Software Without Requiring Space

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Google is a house of innovation and every now and then comes up with something that blows the mind of its users. The tech giant is coming up with a storage trick for its Android 8.0 update for all Pixel and compatible Nexus devices. This storage bypass has been an issue for many iPhone users with each upcoming update. When the software updates roll out, the users have to free up space to install the new updates but Google came up with a solution for the problem.

Pixel phones have a dual partition setup; something that would allow its users to update on the go by installing the updated OS in one of the partitions while the user uses the original partition with their current OS. The users can keep on using their phones with their current operating system on one of the partitions while their operating system updates on the other partition in the background. With a simple restart, their phones would start running on the updated operating system and there would be no hassle for freeing up storage.

With the updated Android 8.0, the users would also get the facility of ‘streaming updates’ which would require only about 100 KB of free space rather than the current storage issue of requiring about 1 GB of free space for the metadata. ‘Streaming updates’ would allow the users to update their phones even if they have no space left on their devices by updating the operating system module by module and running the updated operating systems with a simple restart of the device.

This updating system would give the Pixel and Nexus users an upper hand over the users of iOS who have to delete their memories and applications just to free up some storage space for updating their operating system. In the race for the better operating system, Google is certainly taking steps to bring its Android on the forefront.

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