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5 Things You Should Never Search For On The Internet

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Searching on Google has become an everyday task for us. From the recipes of delicious food to assignments we don’t know the answers to, Google comes to the rescue. The search engine has results for almost everything you ask of it. It has unlimited reach when it comes to finding something you are looking for. Over the years, people have used it for many purposes. However, there are some things you should never ask Google about. The results are either too disgusting, too terrifying or will get you in trouble.

  1. How to Make a Bomb


For obvious reasons, you should never search for this. You run the risk of being tracked as Google will hand over any data that is requested by the government in case the government sees the search engine being used as a tool for mass destruction. In fact, avoid searching for anything that would lead to suspicion for involvement in any sort of crime.

  1. Symptoms and Disease


Often people are seen complaining about popular medical databases available online. The major complaint is that whatever the symptoms a person might enter, the database would often return the diagnosis as a serious disease. Something as common as a simple cold could have the same symptoms as a deadly diagnosis as AIDS. If anyone wishes to enquire about the symptoms or diagnosis of any symptoms, the doctors are still the best people to go to. Google would often return the results that scare the life out of you.

  1. How to Hide a Dead Body


This fits right in with the crime part that you should avoid searching. The joke that a man tried to play with Siri, asking the voice assistant where to hide the dead body, was used as evidence against the man in court. So avoid using search engines to look for ways to hide a dead body or ways to kill a President for that matter.

  1. Procedure to Manufacture Synthetic Drugs


While Breaking Bad may have intrigued you to start your own meth lab at home, it is a bad idea to look for the manufacturing process on the internet. As mentioned before, the search engines track your search history and IP address and if ever you come under suspicion for a crime, the companies will hand over your data to the law enforcement officials.

  1. Disgusting things on the Internet


Do not search for some disgusting things on the internet! Do not Google just anything that you hear somewhere. For example, there are some things that might sound innocent at first but are actually quite disgusting to look at, like the Calculus Bridge, which is not anything related to mathematics but is a dental disorder. Same is the case with Goatse. Do not search for it! You have been warned.

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