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‘Tinder For Recruitment’ Launched By Workey To Help Job Aspirants

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Co-founder and CEO of Israeli career development and recruitment startup Workey, Ben Reuveni said that he is a millennial and they did something bad for the Human Resources Market. While this was a part confession and part of pitch for the company, Reuveni argues that millennials change their jobs almost every two years. This is different from the older generation, who liked a steady job, and the next generation, who are even more fickle. This data is also different from the recent data by the U.S. Department of Labor, there is little doubt that millennials are changing jobs faster than normal, with recruitments going online, regardless of the increase in the job-hopping.

Workey Team

This job-hopping is more of a passive action, people in the search for a better career opportunity instead of necessarily looking for a new job. But the risk of any millennial’s manager finding out about the millennial’s job applications is ever increasing. Workey solves that problem by maintaining the profiles as anonymous. Workey has been compared to Tinder, calling it the Tinder For Recruitment. No employer can bear the thought of hiring an employee just for the sake of them jumping ship at the first sign of a better job.


Workey has been released in Israel and the US on iOS. The application opens to a chatbox that asks the user a series of questions related to your CV and also asks about the kind of job you are looking for. Then the application uses machine learning to let the user swipe through available job opportunities. The employers on the other side of the window swipe through anonymous profiles. If there is a mutual match, the two parties are introduced and an interview is scheduled. Over 300 companies like Dell, Oracle, and Yahoo! are already using the application, the startup generating revenue by charging per successful candidate and is also considering a subscription model.

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