March 06, 2021
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‘Tinder For Recruitment’ Launched By Workey To Help Job Aspirants

Co-founder and CEO of Israeli career development and recruitment startup Workey, Ben Reuveni said that he is a millennial and they did something bad for the Human Resources Market. While this was a part confession and part of pitch for the company, Reuveni argues that millennials change their jobs almost every two years. This is different from the older generation, …

Drinking Rise Seen In Women And Older Adults Of America, Unprecedented Rise Worrying Researchers

Drinking has always been the favorite pastime of a majority of the world but an excess can always cause various health problems. The United States of America is already well-known for obese people and health problems and drinking alcohol to the point of it being dangerous has risen in the US, for women, minorities and older adults. A study, published …


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