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10 Reasons Why Sex Is Better Than Exercise

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Human beings have been lazy for a long time. We are always finding ways and shortcuts to tedious work. Exercise has been a long time issue with for human beings and we are developing technology to find alternate methods of gaining the same benefits as exercise. However, in light of the development of all the technology, there is one way which is better than any technology or exercise- sex. The topic of sex may be delicate to discuss in our country, but the population is proof enough to the fact that it is quite a common practice.


The debate between the benefits of sex and exercise have been discussed for quite some time now. There are gym trainers who limit their trainees to a specific number of times of sex per week. While there are others who are have reached a ripe old age and endorse sex to be the best exercise. Here are 10 reasons why sex is better than exercise.

1. Blood Pressure


Sex has been proven to lower blood pressure of the people involved in the act. Any position, whether it is up against the wall, or down on the floor, any position is sure to help with high blood pressure.

2. Practice Makes Perfect


It has been known that indulging in the process of making love over and over again makes it better each time. Gaining towards the path of perfection without the breath of the mean trainer down your neck.

3. It is a Matter of the Heart


There is a direct correlation between the health of the heart and your life having fun in the bed. Every time a couple engages in coitus, there is a reduced risk of having a heart attack.

4. Metabolising Power

A good roll in the hay raises the heartbeat and gives a boost to the metabolism of the body as well. It would help you eat anything you want and still stay in shape.

5. Beauty Sleep


There has always been complaints by women that men fall asleep right after making love. That is because sex has the potential to put anyone to sleep within minutes.

6. Core Strengthening

Engaging in sex requires strength and flexibility. Each one of those thrusts requires and develops strength.

7. Skin Matters


The post coital glow is something that helps our friends know that we recently got laid.

8. Stressbuster


Sex is known to relieve a person of any kind of stress, making it the best way to beat the Monday blues.

9. The Six Pack


This is not the six pack beer can that we are talking about but the abs. Many positions are great for ab workout.

10. Preference


Given the choice between sex and exercise, almost everyone will choose to fiddle in bed, making it better than exercise any day.

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