April 02, 2023
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Benefits of Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Benefits of Attracting Birds to Your Garden Watching birds in your garden can be wonderfully relaxing and it can be exciting to spot new species making the most of your bird feeders and the habitats which your garden can offer – but there are all sorts of benefits to having birds come to visit which you might not have thought …

Release The Pent-Up Stress In Your Body

release stress

When we spend too much time sitting down, whether it is on our desk, in our car, or even in a plane, we tend to feel that our pelvis has locked up in a position and that causes us a discomfort which leads to the building up of stress in our body. Some might say that a little stretching is …

Tips To Keep Your Marketing Team Sane


Every company is involved in a race to the top. This means that there are many requests that are coming in everyday that the team leaders try and distribute among their team members. Sometimes this inflow of requests can get too much in number and the team cannot handle it all. There is already a lot of pending work and …

Music Stimulates A Child’s Mental Growth & Yet Is Under Attack


A child’s mental health is just as important as his physical health and as of late, there have been many campaigns to draw awareness towards the mental health of a child. And it’s entirely apolitical, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have demonstrated through their exemplary work with their Heads Together charity – tackling the stigma of …

PM Modi’s Book: Exam Warriors For Students

Exam Warriors

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has offered 25 mantras to students in his new book ‘Exam Warriors’. This book is aimed at relieving the students of the stress and pressure that comes hand in hand with examinations. PM Narendra Modi urged the students to treat the examinations as festivals and celebrate them instead of stressing about them. “This book is …

How To Handle Criticism Like A Master Human Being


We live in a time where everyone has their own opinions and can outrage on the tiniest issue. It is very hard to feel good when other people criticize your work or any other aspect of your life negatively.  But to succeed in life, both personally and professionally, it’s important to take criticism in stride. Being able to hear people’s …

10 Reasons Why Sex Is Better Than Exercise

Human beings have been lazy for a long time. We are always finding ways and shortcuts to tedious work. Exercise has been a long time issue with for human beings and we are developing technology to find alternate methods of gaining the same benefits as exercise. However, in light of the development of all the technology, there is one way …


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