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How To Handle Criticism Like A Master Human Being

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We live in a time where everyone has their own opinions and can outrage on the tiniest issue. It is very hard to feel good when other people criticize your work or any other aspect of your life negatively.  But to succeed in life, both personally and professionally, it’s important to take criticism in stride. Being able to hear people’s opinions can improve our relationships, academic performance, and job satisfaction. There are a lot of ways in which we can handle the aforementioned criticism that might surface in any area of your life.

Understanding Criticism

The term is used for judgement or evaluation of one’s work, both good and bad. This judgement can come up anywhere, from college papers, to personal blogs, to family get-togethers, and chats with friends. There are many reasons why people can offer their judgement and opinions, which can range from feelings of jealousy and insecurity, to actual feelings for help. At work, organization leaders may also use criticism to help employees improve their work—and make them tremble before approaching the boss’s office. But not all criticism is bad news bears.


Constructive criticism can actually help people gain valuable insight into our work and can also increase trust between people. Unsurprisingly, non-constructive criticism can hurt people’s self-esteem, making them feel guilty for not performing up to par. But whether criticism is useful or just plain humiliating, there are ways to deal with it and move on.

What Should You Do?

There are many ways in which you can deal with someone giving their opinions to you and your work. Sometimes people may even stop working toward a goal out of fear of being critiqued. But don’t give in to those worries about potential critiques.

Listen To What Is Being Said


Carefully listen to what the person is judging you on, it can either be constructive or plainly rude. You may feel hurt when your partner says you’re controlling, but having him point out this flaw may help you change and ultimately save the relationship. If criticism could be helpful, lend all ears and try to learn from it instead of getting defensive.

Respond With A Calm Mind And Heart


Do not be disrespectful, no matter what the other person says. Take the feedback that the person gives and always make it useful. If the critique is uncalled for, kill em with kindness. A simple smile makes you the bigger person.

Do Not Take It Personally

Remove yourself from the situation and focus on the quality that is being critiqued. Take any judgement positively and try to improve what you can. Realize that this is not the end of your potential and focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

Manage Your Stress


Take a deep breath before you respond to your critic. Sometimes you can not control what is being said to you and you feel an urge to respond in a violent way. At such a time, try to control your stress and respond to the criticism appropriately.

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