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Benefits of Attracting Birds to Your Garden

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Benefits of Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Watching birds in your garden can be wonderfully relaxing and it can be exciting to spot new species making the most of your bird feeders and the habitats which your garden can offer – but there are all sorts of benefits to having birds come to visit which you might not have thought about.

Birds are part of the overall eco-system so by creating a bird-friendly environment with food, water and nesting areas available, you are also helping to support the overall eco-system and you will benefit from this in many ways.

We spoke to the team of Little Peckers and they gave us a rundown of the benefits of getting these winged creatures in your green paradise.

1. Controlling The Pest Population

All gardeners know the perils which pests such as aphids, spiders and other bugs can cause to carefully planted flower beds but rather than use chemicals or insecticides, try making an effort to attract bug-eating birds to the garden instead.

That way you can enjoy the birds, they benefit from an extra food source and your garden receives completely natural pest control support so it’s a complete win all round for the plants as well as the birds.

2. Support For Flower Pollination

Many birds which enjoy nectar help to support the pollination of garden flowers which can help to give your flowers extra support and help to grow more. More flowers, in turn, attract more birds so, your garden blooms will benefit from these nectar-drinking visitors.

3. Control Your Weed Population

A lot of small birds like to eat seeds and in your garden they will eat all the weed seeds, helping to stop them growing uncontrollably and reducing the problems caused by unwanted plants. If you plant flowers which produced seeds it also helps to provide the birds with a naturally occurring food supply.

So, for fewer weeds and visits from attractive birds including finches and sparrows, make your garden more bird-friendly and they will help to keep it in check for you.

4. Supporting Other Wildlife

Many of the trees and shrubs which will attract birds to your garden will also help to feed other wildlife. Fruit trees, for example, will attract birds but the fruits and berries can also provide much-needed sustenance for other creatures too.

5. Helping With Environmental Conservation

Using native plants and local resources to help create bird-friendly garden spaces also helps to conserve the natural environment. Using only native plants means they will need less maintenance making the garden easier to maintain as well as being more environmentally friendly.

6. Supports The Value Of Your House

Now improving the value of your home is probably not something that springs to mind when thinking about attracting birds to your garden, however, by keeping your garden natural, well maintained and supporting the environment, it can add to the value of your home.

7.Helps With Wildlife Education

Attracting birds to the garden and the other wildlife that come with them provides a great opportunity to learn about bird species, particularly for children. It can teach them about nesting, migration and other bird behaviors simply by spending time in the garden.

8. Supporting Wildlife Conservation Generally

Looking after your own garden creates new habitats and safe places for birds and other wildlife to thrive happily and as general wildlife areas come under threat, this can be invaluable support for local creatures and helps to preserve them.

9. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Being outside, watching the birds and keeping your garden maintained is great for stress relief. Bing outside, listening to birdsong and watching them flying around and making the most of all the food supplies you have provided can be very therapeutic.

10. Support Bird Breeding

By providing nesting boxes and adequate food supplies you can encourage birds to set up home in your garden and even breed. You will get the joy of watching the eggs hatch and the fledglings take their first flight while enjoying the knowledge that you helped to make that happen.

Attracting birds into your garden is great just for the pure joy of watching them, however, it also brings many benefits both for you and the wider environment. Birds will help to reduce pests which eat your plants, control the weeds by eating seeds and bring joy with their fluttering and twittering.

On a broader scale, attracting birds helps to support other local wildlife; helps to reduce the amount of garden maintenance required and can help provide a boost to an overall environmental conversation by providing a unique oasis.

Opening up your garden to birds can also increase the value of your house by keeping your lawns maintained, and the work to maintain them can reduce your stress levels so there really is no downside to attracting birds into your garden.

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