July 27, 2021
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Shape Of Water Breaks Barriers About Sex And Disability

Shape of Water

Most Hollywood movies depict disability as the same concept of a white, straight male who is struck down with some form of disability in his adulthood and lives a bitter life, learning to cope up with the growing sense of bitterness. The plot of the movies is mainly focused on the disability factor and when the concept of sex figures …

5 Of The Weirdest Sex Trends From History

Everyone is aware of the sex trends that are common among today’s times. These include spanking, the use of sex toys, public displays, and the FreeTheNipple movement. However, some of the trends that we see today have their roots deep-seeded into the history of mankind. Some of the weirdest trends that originated way before the 21st century are mentioned below: …

10 Reasons Why Sex Is Better Than Exercise

Human beings have been lazy for a long time. We are always finding ways and shortcuts to tedious work. Exercise has been a long time issue with for human beings and we are developing technology to find alternate methods of gaining the same benefits as exercise. However, in light of the development of all the technology, there is one way …


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