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WhatsApp Business: All You Need To Know

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WhatsApp has unveiled it’s long-awaited and lon-rumored WhatsApp Business application. The business-focused application makes it easier for companies and enterprises to interact with their customers. However, the application can only be downloaded from the website in an apk file format and is not available on the Play Store just as of yet. The logo for the application is a slight modification to the original WhatsApp logo, with a ‘B’ in the centre of the logo instead the phone symbol. It is different from the regular version in other areas as well.


There is a version of WhatsApp Business available for download on the Play Store but that is only for those users who were registered as beta testers. Upon installation, the users will have to provide a contact number that is purely meant for business. A person cannot give his personal contact number as his business number as that would redirect the application to the original version itself. A new profile has to be created by adding the profile picture, address, description of the business, website and other relevant information. Some of the chats from the previous account can be brought over to the new business profile if a user wishes to, by checking the option that says that the user is converting from an old profile to a business profile.


Another feature introduced in the Business version of WhatsApp is auto-responses. The queries of the customers can be answered by choosing an appropriate answer which would be sent on the owner’s behalf. The feature can be turned on and off in the settings and will be available in groups only when a customer mentions the owners using a ‘@’ symbol. In case a person wishes to access both personal and business profiles of WhatsApp in a single phone, a mobile handset with dual SIM support is recommended or else a user can also register the Business profile under a landline number.

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