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Can A Video Resume Help Your Job Search?

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Video resumes are a new trend in today’s job market and many job seekers use them as a way to stand apart from the competition. A video resume is basically a short video that a job seeker creates and uploads online for the employers to view. It can either be a general video or be targeted towards a particular employer or job. Just like a traditional resume, a video resume describes the skills and experience of the candidate. It is generally used in addition to the paper resume and not as its replacement.

Most professional CV writers are now providing video resume service. They can help you create a professional video resume. You can also choose to record the video yourself but it is important to get feedback from friends and colleagues before you upload it on the internet.

There are several means of sharing the resume with the employers. One of the most common methods is to upload it on the internet and then email the link directly to the employer while you are applying for a job. You can also add the link to your paper resume and that way it gets automatically distributed along with your CV. Another way of sharing the video resume with potential employers is by uploading it to job sites. Many job portals these days provide you with an option to upload video resumes. However, you need to make sure your video has a general approach to it and is not targeted to a specific job.

Since video resume is a fairly new concept, very few employers will actually ask for it. Therefore, it is totally optional for a job seeker to create one. Having said that, it does have its benefits. In today’s competitive job market, where everyone wants to do something different, a video resume will definitely help you stand out if done the right way. It is particularly beneficial in visual industries where it can help you showcase your skills. For example, if your professional involves any type of performance, such as stage acts, anchoring, presentations, etc, a video resume can be a powerful tool in showing off your personality to the employers which is otherwise not possible through a traditional paper resume. It is also useful for client facing or sales roles that require you to have a pleasing personality.

While a video resume clearly has its benefits it is also very easy to go wrong with. You have to be careful with the script, styling and location. It should look professional at all times otherwise it might seem to be a waste of time for the employers. Make sure you get adequate feedback and make the necessary changes before it goes live. It is highly advisable to seek professional CV writing services that can help you come up with appropriate content for the video and make sure it is the right fit for your professional background.

Also, remember that you should always use an email signature when sending your resume to a prospective employer. This will show them that you are serious about the job opportunity and it also shows professionalism. If you don’t have an email signature, you can use a service like ZippySig to create the signature for you.

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