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Does Apple Trick You Into Buying A New iPhone Each Year?

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It has been noted by many consumers as well as surveyors that the Google search for ‘iPhone slow’ starts to increase around the time a new iPhone has to be launched by Apple. This has aroused a suspicion that maybe Apple introduces new software just to slow down old iPhones so that the customers would have no choice but to upgrade to the latest model of the iPhone. Similar suspicions began to rise when Apple announced the new iOS 11 and after updating the iOS to the latest version, there was a general spike seen in the search results for slow iPhones.


An online consumer group has created a petition online accusing Apple of this conspiracy. It goes on to say that the tech giant purposefully introduces such software that would slow down older versions of the iPhone, compelling its users to switch to the latest model. Many related articles accusing the company of slowing down older models have cited sources as a Harvard University study. However, there is no proof to support as evidence to these accusations. Even the Harvard study, that they cite so proudly as a source, goes on to say only that there is a spike in the search results.


A better explanation for this general spike each year is that this problem of feeling that the iPhones are getting slow is all a psychological issue. Since many people do not find anything wrong with perfectly working iPhones, they start to feel that the iPhone is getting slower, accusing newer iOS for the problem. This will provide them with an excuse to buy the newer iPhone since the older one was getting ‘slower’. Since there is no proof of Apple actually sabotaging the older models of the iPhone in the greed of the consumers buying the latest version, the psychological explanation best explains the phenomenon of the iPhones getting ‘slow’.

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