December 01, 2021
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Some Of The Biggest Misconceptions About The iPhone X

Biggest Misconceptions About The iPhone X First released November 3, 2017, the iPhone X is nearing its first birthday. With almost a full year of X ownership under your belt, you’ve probably figured out most of what you wanted to know about your handset. But unless you’re on the Apple team that built it, you don’t know all of it. …

Apple Funds Finisar, Maker Of Its Face ID Technology

Apple Finisar

Apple had announced, in May, a $1 Billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund, which was aimed at financing domestic manufacturers in the U.S. and also creating more jobs. The first company that Apple funded with $200 million was Corning Inc., the company that currently makes the Gorilla Glass which is used in Apple’s touchscreens. The tech giant made another notable investment this …

Out Now: Display Details Of 2018 iPhone Models

Apple announced one of its most complex lineups for the iPhone this year, with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made some predictions, which if true will mean that the complexity of the lineup next year will remain the same. According to the latest report by Kuo, all the three …

Does Apple Trick You Into Buying A New iPhone Each Year?

Apple Finisar

It has been noted by many consumers as well as surveyors that the Google search for ‘iPhone slow’ starts to increase around the time a new iPhone has to be launched by Apple. This has aroused a suspicion that maybe Apple introduces new software just to slow down old iPhones so that the customers would have no choice but to …

Wireless Charging To Become More Accessible; Rising Concerns For Battery Life

Wireless charging is becoming the mainstream technology and will wireless charging pads will soon replace all charging cables. The latest one to join the herd to the future is Apple, bringing wireless charging to its iPhone 8 and iPhone X lineup. The two smartphone giants, Apple and Samsung, both now offer wireless charging with the Qi specifications to their flagships. …

iOS 11 To Include Emergency SOS Features In Its Updates

iOS 11 promised to bring many big and small new features to the iPhones and iPads. With a completely changed interface, the update of the operating system created a huge buzz among its users and many are already using the beta versions of the iOS instead of waiting for the iOS to come out as an official public update. Apple …


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