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A Tooth In The Socket Is Better Than A Diamond In Doctor’s Pocket

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All remember Him in times of sorrow and grief but none during ease and comfort.  Had we remembered Him in happy times, then I don’t think there would be unhappiness? In this condition, everyone does promise to do remember the Almighty, when one is relieved of this pain.

A few months back I could not sleep throughout the night because I had a pain in my molar. Perhaps it is due to old age process going on or I had not taken the advice of elders for brushing the teeth before going to sleep since my childhood.

While in unbearable pain, it is also said that even wrestler with more powerful muscle has to visit the dental surgeon. Like all mortals in distress remembered God too, but it does remind me the popular couplet of Kabir Dass – Dukh Mein Simran Sab Kare, Sukh Mein Kare Na Koi – Jo Sukh Mein Simran Kare, To Dukh Kahe Ko Hove.

Legendary Lukman Hakim is also coming to one’s memory as Lukman had the universal remedy for all illness.  But when a person’s swimming in the same filth, in which I was on a dreadful night, approached Lukman, he too advised him to get the tooth extracted.  Even the Solomon of Hakims had no remedy for aching tooth except to get it pulled out.

I do remember that in childhood when the mother’s tooth goes naturally, we used to wrap in cotton and throw in the sky with a wish of coming back of new strong one at the earliest.

According to the English Digest, the toothache is a pain that drives you to extraction. So I too made up my mind to get it pulled out next morning and wished to borrow Hanuman’s power – my favourite deity –to fly towards the sun and pull it to the horizon so that our family doctor opened up his clinic early.

Here the English language proverb – If wishes were horses, beggars would ride – befitted well on me that suggests that if wishes could make things happen, then even the destitute people would have everything they wanted.

Frankly speaking, seeing my unbearable toothache and also now a senior citizen, was a given a priority on my visit to the dental surgeon on the next day and settling myself on the dental chair, I asked the doctor to do away with the dreadful, irritating, cursed, dejected tooth.

My dentist, who is a witty fellow, asked me to desist from uttering the words which perhaps you could use in your write-ups but in a friendly way remarked that the in my profession, every patient had shown him the teeth, despite that he has never lost his cool.

Then he reminded me the oath taken at the pass-out time of his dental degree, for the words used by me for aching teeth and said, I have to save it and I am here to save the teeth and not to make the mouth look like one of the caves of Ajanta without paintings.

But he too smiled when I reacted to his million dollar advice – A tooth in the socket is better than a diamond in the pocket – saying that the number of visits to your clinic for the tooth to be in the socket, the diamond will definitely move from mine to your pocket.

Then, we both smiled in spite of the pain in my tooth.

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