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If You Want To Grow In Life, Ask Questions…

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Asking questions is a natural art and as a child, one has the capacity to curiosity to question everything on seeing a new and different thing and this gives a super growth. They learn much higher than others.

In our childhood, we might have asked many questions from our parents which helped to our growth what we are today.  It is said that learning that happens during the childhood is faster than what happens after the child grows into an adult.

Even in the big corporate houses, the practice is, even now, that everything starts on paper with questions and ends on paper with a solution but with the introduction digital world, everything now found with the mouse on your desktop monitor or touching the thumb on your small screen mobiles.   In both the cases, one has to put a question to get the results from the other ends.  The end is not an end abbreviated as Even Now Do but it is a bend in one’s life.

Without raising the questions in your life, growth is not possible. Human evolution is because of questions. The question – Why can’t we reside on the banks of the river and do cultivation? – was the beginning of the human civilization.

Had the man not asked himself the question – Why can’t men fly like birds in the sky? – resulted in the invention of aircraft and evolution of the aviation industry.

Normally it is also said that if you are part of a problem, you are also a part of the solution. For a moment, I fail to understand when I ask myself a question when language can be taught; business methods can be taught at the school and college levels – Why can’t we teach a man on his attitude? – which is lacking in our day to day life and creating a problem for a number of issues.

There is another question cropping up in the new religion by one-third of the people in the world – Why should we fear God, should not we love our father?   Similarly, with the increase of atrocities on women, the question being raised in the defensive skills and martial arts is – As to how we can save our women from being attacked by men?

With the cyber attacks and active hacker’s presence, now the latest questioning is – As to how we can save our inventions on the internet?

Do you know, the question at the beginning of antibiotics and immunization processes was – How do I save the life from the virus and bacterial infection?

In the army, the first question comes to one’s mind on joining is – How do we save our nation?

In fact, various sets of people ask questions at every step in the life which have given birth to various rules and laws for the smooth functioning of the administration and life as well.

The beginning of television and broadcasting evolution is the outcome of question – Can we show what is happening in one place to people at other places?

Not putting must questions to you but would like to say that right questions and growth go hand in hand.  If you want to grow in life, ask questions.  Each question will give you the right direction and growth as well.

Now it is your turn to ask yourself any question for better growth.

Over to your questions!

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