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Gurugram Gets Its First Ever Oxygen Chamber, Beats Delhi

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While the people in Delhi were busy complaining about the rising pollution levels, their inability to do anything about it, and the efficacy of the odd-even rule, Gurugram went ahead and inaugurated NCR’s first ever oxygen chamber with hundreds of anti-polluting plants. The Oxygen Chamber is situated near the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) Metro Station, one of the region’s most polluted and busiest areas. The garden houses hundreds of anti-polluting plants that can aid towards mitigating the toxic materials in the air. It is a joint effort of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Nurturing Green, an NCR-based company.

Gurugram Oxygen Chamber

The Oxygen Chamber is sprawled over an area of 13,000 sq feet, comprising of a nursery and a greenhouse where there are plants available for purchase. The whole property is divided into three zones, the nursery, the greenhouse, and an outside area. There is a dedicated room, called the oxygen room, for breathing where people can spend time. While there is no visiting fees, people can help show their support by purchasing anti-polluting plants from the shop. The nursery houses many species of anti-polluting plants, like the aloe vera, the areca palm, peace lily, and sansperia. The store is open from 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. on all days.

Oxygen Chamber Shop

Nikhil Grover, Head of Marketing at Nurturing Green, says, “We encourage people to come and spend some time inside the oxygen chamber. They should think of this as a place where they can give your lungs some pure air. We have also kept some books and magazines inside the chamber and have ensured that the environment is truly relaxing and rejuvenating.” The Oxygen Chamber has been in existence since September 29, 2017, and has seen many visitors who make sure that they spend a healthy amount of time in the pure and fresh air because they are aware of the pollution outside that will make breathing difficult.

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