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iPhone Battery Drain: How To Save Precious Juice

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Batteries have always been an issue with the iPhone. With the upgrade to iOS 11, the complaints of the battery drain have gone up. According to studies, the early updates of the latest version of iOS drained the battery in about an hour and a half on average. Compared to iOS 10, this difference is great, considering iOS 10 gave the user about four hours of usage on average. The support section of Apple’s website did not have much advice for its customers regarding the battery drainage. However, there are some tips that you can follow to maximize your usage in a single charge.

1. Perform a battery check:


Sometimes, applications in the background can drain your battery quite quickly. To perform this check, you can go to the battery section under the Settings application. At the bottom, there are two statistics under categories Usage and Standby. Note the times and lock your phone for about five minutes. Check the times again. The time under Standby should have increased by about five minutes and the time under Usage should not have risen by much. If it does, it means that your phone is not resting as it actually should. To help with this, you can turn off the fetching of emails to about 15 to 30 minutes or even manually as this often keeps the phone from sleeping properly.

2. Background Applications:


Applications have a habit of fetching data in the background and keep draining precious juice from your iPhone. You can switch off which applications use the battery in the background in Background App Refresh under General in the Settings application. The other option you have is to change whether these applications refresh in the background while connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular.

3. Location Services:


Applications keep tabs on you wherever you go. While this may come in handy, the feature drains the battery quite fast. The location service uses GPS, Bluetooth, cell tower locations and crowd-sourced hot-spots all at once to know where you are. You can turn this off under Settings > Privacy > Location Services to turn it off altogether or customize which of the applications are allowed to use the location services.

4. Other tweaks:


Lowering the brightness helps, setting the Auto-Lock to 30 seconds, disabling Hey Siri, enabling Reduce Motion are some of the few features that can help save your battery life.

However, don’t be worried if these do not work for you. Sometimes, the developers of the applications need time to take the glitches out of the applications.

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