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NASA Spacecraft To Crash Into Saturn After 13 Years Of Its Journey

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Science Channel will record and air the final moments of  Cassini, NASA’s Spacecraft that orbited around the planet Saturn before it crashes into the atmosphere of Saturn and eventually burns. The mission launched by spacecraft Cassini has been extremely successful, providing vivid and clear images of Saturn and its rings from such a close range as has never before been achieved and thus, is an exceptional feat.

The images taken by Cassini have provided the first precise and accurate measurement of Saturn’s magnetic field. Even in its final moments, the mission will be clicking and transmitting images from the interior of Saturn and its rings- something that curious scientists have still been waiting for. The $3.3 billion spacecraft is running out of fuel and is hence coming to an end after a marvelous and illuminating 13-year journey in space that has given scientists a lot of information and exclusive pictures. Once the fuel runs too low, it will become exceedingly tough to control the spacecraft. Thus, another reason why NASA is ending the mission is to avoid the possibility of colliding with and damaging Saturn’s moons- Enceladus and Titan, which could have oceans suitable for life.


“After spending more than a decade following the amazing Cassini spacecraft, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the mission and the team behind one of the humanity’s most profound journeys of exploration,” said Wyatt Channell, Executive Producer, Science Channel.

The Science Channel will cover Cassini’s final moments in a live broadcast on 15th September 2017. In addition to the live broadcast, the Science Channel will also air a special episode titled ‘Space’s Deepest Secrets- Cassini’ on 19th September 2017 to give viewers a comprehensive and meticulous insight into spacecraft Cassini’s working and findings. The end of the mission is being rightly referred to as the ‘Grand Finale’ and is an emotional moment for all the scientists who have invested much of their valuable time trying to decipher the mystery of the Cassini’s numerous discoveries.

Do not miss the opportunity to catch the historic spacecraft in its final moments. Catch the live countdown to the end of the mission here 


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