December 09, 2021
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BlackRock: Contribute To Society Or Risk Losing Our Support


The executives of the world’s largest public companies will be receiving a letter on Tuesday from one of the most influential investors in the world. Laurence D. Fink, founder and chief executive of the investment firm BlackRock, is going to inform business leaders that their companies need to do more than make profits — they need to contribute to society as …

Considerations For Relationships With A Big Age Difference

relationships with age difference

We often see that older men are in relationships with women who are much younger than them. This is also seen with women who are with younger men. These relationships may be frowned upon in our country but it is quite a common thing in Western countries. An older man dating a younger woman is often seen as a sign …

She Is A Nightmare For The Neighbours

A RETIRED college lecturer hounded a young family out of their home, vowing: “I’ve got rid of 11 neighbours already and I can get rid of you”, the statement of Widow Susan Pumford, 62, who banged on the walls, screamed abuse, threatened to vandalise cars, threw rubbish things which made people startled and daunted. Increasing the heights the court even …

Into The Minds Of The Monsters We Call Rapists

There is a general hatred in everyone’s hearts when it comes to rapists. No one tries to understand why they do what they do. We judge them for their actions without knowing the reasons behind their actions. Why? Because it is simple. Everyone has a choice for what they choose to do. They choose to do what they do. They …


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