September 27, 2022
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Why Computer Science Engineers Get a Vast Number of Career Choices

In 2020, the world was shaken by the pandemic. The employment market saw dramatic shifts, and technology-driven professions became the most sought after. Now, when so much depends on technology in business, talented computer science engineers have plenty of choices, and their salaries are impressive. Here is a look at the main computer science trends in India. Obviously, the world …

Top 15 Most Adventurous Places To Visit In India

Most Adventurous Places To Visit In India India is a huge country that has every physical feature the earth has in its store. From plateaus to plains to one of the highest mountains in the world, India has it all. The country has the most beautiful mountain valleys with one of the longest river systems. India has a lot to …

Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls In India


Top Biggest Shopping Malls In India With every passing day, India is making its mark as a growing shopping destination in the world. Brand retail stores and shopping malls are opening up in all the big cities. While the country has gained its name for traditional shopping, many modern shopping complexes offer the latest products from around the globe. The …

Requirements For Flying A Drone In India


Taking to the skies had always been a dream of man. There was a lot of wonder associated with the concept of conquering the skies. That was made possible with the invention of the airplane. We have come quite far and have become quite advanced in the field of aviation since then. The ongoing debate is which is better, a …

Indian summers may last 8 months by 2070. Cause? Global Warming

Global warming

Global warming is very real. It does not matter how much the world leaders may ignore the problem, global warming is causing climate change. Prolonged heat-wave conditions, in other words, a summer lasting up to eight months, could be the new norm by the 2070s for the Gangetic plains, if greenhouse-gas emissions are not cut to limit the global temperature …

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