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Best Bitcoin Exchanges in India to Buy Bitcoin in 2018

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Bitcoin Exchanges in India to Buy Bitcoin

The global market for Bitcoin is at a surge and the scene is no different in India. People are all excited to learn more and exploit this internet money than ever. However, when it comes to buying and owning this virtual currency in India, things aren’t as easy as it is on the other side of the globe. The primary reason for this is the lack of information available for the prospective buyers. To help Indian investors grow their portfolio and invest in this lucrative currency, here we have come up with a list of best bitcoin exchanges in India 2018. To use these bitcoin exchanges, you will have to sign up for them and complete your KYC details before you start selling or buying Bitcoin.

1.Zebpay: India’s Leading Bitcoin Exchange

A reputed Bitcoin broker and platform in India, Zebpay is the referred as the best bitcoin exchange in India by Bitcoin experts.  It is an India based platform that has its nerve center in Ahmedabad, India. The exchange is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems and highly user-friendly. You can link it to any Indian Bank Account to buy and sell Bitcoin.


  • It is a regulated company of India
  • There are many additional perks offered by the app like gift vouchers and more.
  • It boasts of multi-sig security attributes.


  • The fees charged for buying or selling Bitcoin is not displayed to the public.
  • You need to undergo ID verification
  • It extends a Bitcoin wallet that shouldn’t be used to store the currency.

2. Unocoin: Bitcoin Exchange

Unocoin is included in the list of first bitcoin startups of India. The platform is at present leading the Bitcoin space as it also supports the swapping of altcoins to bitcoins. The company operates from its headquarter in Bengaluru. You can trade using any Indian Banking Account and through NEFT, RTGS, Net Banking, and other online options.


  • It is a regulated company of India
  • It got a strong backup from the investors in the United States
  • It charges 1% of the fee which is further reduced to .7% if you trade in volume.


  • It extends bitcoin wallet service that isn’t a very recommend storage for bitcoins
  • It demands ID verification so you cannot trade anonymously.

3. Coinsecure: India’s Bitcoin Exchange

Another Bitcoin exchange that has its roots in India, Coinsecure is trusted by hundreds of bitcoin investors. It has its headquarters in New Delhi India. The exchange charges a bare minimum fee of .3% per purchase. You can trade using a variety of payment options including NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and cash deposit.


  • Bitcoin exchanged regulated and based in India
  • Offers lowest fees
  • Extends trade guide in form of videos.


  • It operated on bitcoin wallet model that is no more recommended for storing bitcoins
  • It demands KYC and hence is not a private app
  • For novice buyers, the application interface might be intimidating.

4. Coinmama: CryptoExchange

It is a bitcoin exchange that offers access to people all over the world. You can log in to this exchange from anywhere in the globe including India. All you need is a credit or debit card and you are good to go. The fees is approximately 6% per buy. For any trade below $150, there is no need to verify your identity. This is an easy way to do the trade.


  • It can be accessed from any country in the world.
  • It has the highest limit if buying bitcoins using a credit card.
  • Reputed and reliable global platform.


  • The platform is known to be one of the highest fee chargers in the industry.

5. Local Bitcoins:

This is an escrow service, matching bitcoins buyers with bitcoin sellers. You can trade in bitcoins through this exchange with cash deposits. There are many other payment options that you may choose. What makes the exchange stand out of the league is that it support in-person meetings, and trade of local bitcoins amid the users.


  • It is fast, easy and secure
  • No need to share any personal information
  • Bitcoin purchase can be done through cash deposits


  • It does not support higher volume trades
  • You need to beware of scams.

6. Changelly: CryptoExchange in India:

You will love Changelly because it let you trade bitcoins using a number of options including Litecoin, Dogecoin, altcoins and other digital tokens. It also makes it a restricted exchange as only those traders who own some other cryptocurrency can trade in bitcoins. There is no provision for cash or online payment. The exchange is a superfast platform as there is no control over the tokens but the platform only assists the exchange.


  • It is the most user-friendly and fastest way of trading in bitcoin.
  • Larger your trade volume, the lower money you will have to pay as the fees.


  • You will need digital coins to trade for this platform.

7. Mycelium Local Trader: CryptoCurrency Exchange in India

If you trust trading locally, Mycelium is the best bitcoin exchange in India.The exchange helps you find local buyers and sellers of bitcoin. As soon as there is a match, you can meet the trader in person and do your business. The platform is completely free and a perfect app to use when you are located in a high-populated area.


  • Easy to use and free application to buy and sell bitcoins
  • No requirement to offer personal information and hence is a private platform


  • For people located in low-population areas, it is not a recommended app as it becomes tough finding prospective traders.

These are some of the most trusted and recommended bitcoin exchanges in India. As soon as you join an exchange, it becomes easy to buy bitcoins in India. Pick the most suitable and best bitcoin exchange in India and start your cryptocurrency journey right away.

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