December 01, 2021
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5 Ways to Avoid Depression


“Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.” Depression needs no introduction as it has become the most common disease of today’s world. People and grounded with so many things that they do not know what to do, when to do 0r whether to do or not. The many complications and …

Kota May Not Be The Safest Place For Your Child To Study


Everyone is hyped up about sending their kid to the best acclaimed place for coaching centers in the country. But Kota in Rajasthan may not be the best place for your child to study. Self-harm, substance abuse, bullying, sexual experimentation and the possibility of pregnancy, sleep-related issues, loneliness, weight loss, acidity and anxiety are common among students in Kota. Many children …

Excessive Business Travel Can Cause Anxiety And Depression

business travel

A study conducted by the Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health confirms what we already know about too much business travel in a month. If you are a business traveller who has to be away from home more than two weeks a month, no one has to tell you that this much travel can wear you down. You already know …

Depression Diagnosis Tool To Be Incorporated In Google Search

Google is teaming up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has come up with a tool to help people who are depressed. The tech giant has incorporated a tool in its US search where anyone searching about depression will see a pop-up question asking them if they are depressed. This tool is hoped to steer people from depression …

Professor Hawking: A Truly Inspirational Figure For All Minds

One of the greatest minds of our generation, Stephen Hawking is, perhaps, the greatest physicist that the world has ever seen. He is considered in the same lines as Albert Einstein and Issac Newton. His work in the fields of cosmology and theoretical physics is well-known and considered gospels for scientists. Born January 8, 1942, Stephen Hawking displayed an interest …


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