December 09, 2021
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Prabhas Reacts To The Ongoing Padmavati Controversy

The controversies surrounding Padmavati seem to go on for an eternity now. The troubles do not seem to be ending at any cost, getting worse every single day. Celebrities get the second worst treatment after the crew members of the movie. Whenever a celebrity expresses his or her views and opinions on the ongoing controversy, social media starts to bash …

Padmavati In Trouble; Bollywood Comes Out In Support

Deepika Padukone

Ever since the news was released that the movie Padmavati would be exploring a fictional love angle between the legendary Queen of Chittor and Alauddin Khilji, a massive protest rose against the release of the movie. The protests, led by Karni Sena, have reached epic proportions, one of the protestors offering Rs 10 crore as a bounty for Sanjay Leela …

Sunny Leone Shamed: Promoting Condoms In Navratri

India is known for outrage. Whether it is against a video, a meme, or this time, even against an advertisement hoarding. Mankind Pharma put up a hoarding in Surat for the promotion of condoms. While the idea behind the advertisement may have been simple, the caption on the hoarding seemed to have pushed people to the edge of protest. Adding …

Farrah Abraham Disappoints Her Fans With A Random Lingerie Picture

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham became a topic of controversy a long time ago when she starred on the show ’16 and Pregnant’. She has been among the favorite topics of gossip and controversy but even by her standards, her most recent picture has sent ripples through the sea of controversy all over again. The 26-year-old donned the lingerie-styled one-piece …


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