February 24, 2021
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Worlds Top 10 Happiest Countries

World Top Happiest Countries Happiness is said to be state of mind. Some measure it through materials owned and some find it in contentment. It is said that happiness can’t be bought but it can be created. Some countries have succeeded in creating happiness for their citizens by giving them quality life, freedom, corruption-free environment, high income and other facilities. …

Australians Aren’t All That Excited About Sydney


While all the foreign immigrants may have their hopes high and excitements running through their veins when they move to Australia. About moving to Sydney, the locals are not all that excited about it. While foreign immigrants continue to descend on Sydney, making it their gap-year playground, lifestyle retreat or refuge from danger, Australian residents would prefer to be elsewhere. Sydney loses …

Story Behind The Picture Of The Frog That Swallowed A Snake

Frog Swallowing Snake

The picture of a frog swallowing a snake has become quite popular on various social platforms. However, the story behind the shot and its photographer has always remained a mystery. Until now, that is. We often observe that before any storm, the environment is rich with sounds and sights of creatures. The same happens in North Queensland in Australia just …

England Squad for Ashes 2017-18 Announced

As one of the biggest series in the history of Cricket approaches, the England Cricket Board has announced the squad which will represent the England Cricket Team in Australia for the Ashes. The 2017–18 Ashes series is an upcoming series of Test Cricket matches that would see England and Australia battle it out on the field for The Ashes. This …


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